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Author Topic: [Novice] Adding Sub Actions (Revised)  (Read 2420 times)
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    « on: March 21, 2018, 05:40:30 PM »

    While pikazz's tutorial is still relevant and works, it's been made outdated thanks to PSA Remaker. This tutorial will show you the new way to add Sub Actions to a character.

    -PSA Remaker
    -A hex editor. I personally recommend HxD.
    -Your Fit*.pac file.
    -Your ft_*.rel file.

    If you have what you need, then let's move onto the tutorial itself. This tutorial will be split into two parts: PSA Remaker Usage and Hex Editing.

    1.) PSA Remaker Usage.
    Open PSA Remaker, and you'll be greeted with this window.

    Drag and drop your moveset file into the window as instructed.

    Next, toggle on Maximum Compress. You'll now be able to increase your number of Sub Actions. Remember the current Sub Action Count, as it will be important later.
    Disclaimer: While you can add Actions, I would not recommend it, as this method does not cover Actions nor has testing resulted in positive results.

    Here, you'll increase the Sub Action count by however many you need (just know that these values are Hexadecimal). With my example file, I'll add 4 Sub Actions.

    Once you're done with that, click "Start". The window will then update to this. You can now close PSA Remaker and locate your altered file in the "Exported" folder.

    2.) HxD Usage.
    Open your module in your hex editor.

    Press Ctrl + R, and the following window will appear.

    Alter it to the following settings.

    Next, you'll enter the following into the "Search for" bar.
    XXXX = Old Sub Action Count.
    In my example's case, I'll be entering 38A001DE

    You'll then enter the following into the "Replace with" bar.
    XXXX = New Sub Action Count.
    In my example's case, I'll be entering 38A001E2

    Once you have both fields filled out, click on "Replace All" before the following window appears.

    Click "OK", save, exit your hex editor, and make any desired PSA edits to use your new Sub Actions.

    I hope this will help those who were wondering what PSA Remaker is used for.

    I don't take requests.

    My PSA Thread

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    « Reply #1 on: March 21, 2018, 05:55:37 PM »

    Thanks for the guide, this is really helpful Cheesy

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    « Reply #2 on: February 03, 2020, 03:34:05 PM »

    Just discovered the .pac converter used in this program changes the SSEAttributes pointer in a chars data, which causes PM chars to load junk data (0xDEADBEEF) into all their attributes if used  in subspace. Hex editting their SSE-Attributes pointer back to 0x0 fixes this.

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