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751 October 20th, 2014

HDNV - Noire Weapon Set PSA by BraveDragonWolf, leondanny56 with credit to -Hero- for the Noire model
[Character - Texture, Import, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Link]


Original Noire moveset: http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Moderated=All&Reported=All&Wifi=0&Featured=All&Name=Noire+Moveset&NameExact=on&ByUser=&Credit=&Info=&AudioSource=&MainType=-1

This is my custom version of the Noire PSA.
It's a two in one PSA so choose wisely!
In this file you'll find two folders: Blade PSA V2 and V4.
The reason V3 isn't in their is because V3 is the electric guitar...I thought it would be necessary to have that...Or...I can import that model if someone wants me to...I want do it unless someone asks me. CSP's are included in my other Noire moveset.

674 July 4th, 2014

Noire Moveset by leondanny56 with credit to Naoto-san for updated animations.
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Marth]

this movest just got a moveset update today 07-04-2014,
this update makes it so the 32bit noire blade's sword will be in
the same place no mater which way you are facing, if you would
like the update just redownload this.

this moveset has been updated so that now noires wait animation and her 32bit noire blade attack now looks better
and some other animations have been changed so now they
look better, however only the normal version has been updated. the overpowered one has not.

credit for the updated animations goes to Naoto-san for updated animations.

if you want the updated animations just redownload this moveset because the download link has been changed to the updated moveset's download link.

this is not a lucina moveset, this is a noire moveset based off neptunia v and it is also based off the first neptunia.

the pictures previews and video are still uploading but they

the third picture from the right is the showcase of noire's moveset.

first off let me mention that i recommend using a noire modle import with this moveset so the attacks will make sense.
you can download a noire modle import to use with this moveset here.


please make sure you use the recolors one if you do use a modle import of noire.

next you don't have to use the modle import in the above link, this moveset will work with any model import or texture you have on marth,
i just recommend using the noire import mentioned in the above link so the attacks will make sense. (they were made for noire after all)

here is a link to a video showcasing how my noire moveset works.


next i will mention the glitches with this moveset but first let me say this none of the glitches i am about to mention will cause the game to freeze
so don't worry no freezing and also none of the glitches i am about to mention will cause you to get stuck in place unable to move,
that being said here are the glitches.

1.final smash aura dissappars when obtaining the final smash don't worry you still have your final smash though
2.SpecalN a.k.a. nutral specal a.k.a. 32 bit noire blade: when you use the 32 bit noire blade while faceing right
the sword will show up in the back ground instead of the forground where it is suppose to be, another glitch this has
is at certain stages the sword won't show up instead only the circle underneath the sword will show up or on other stages
only the sword will show up but the circle won't show up it all depends on the stage you go to but both still do damage,
another glitch with this is the attack collisions aren't quite right, for instance if someone is at a custom stage and someone is a great deal
higher than you on the stage, the attack will still hit the other person, this because the collisions are still don't terminate until a new attack is used.
another glitch with this attack is the sword will go through the stage if your at a custom stage that's what will happen and you can still get hit by it
even when it dose go through the stage.
3.finally a different attack that has a slight glitch somtimes when using SpecialS a.k.a. torneraid sword but auto comboed into lace ribbon dance,
sometimes if you press and attacking button dureing lace ribbon dance noire will slide forward while doing whatever attack button you pressed
don't you won't get stuck or anything it just looks kinda wierd.
4.SpecialAirLw a.k.a. when you use down special in the air a.k.a. paralize fencer a.k.a. the attack that results from landing the counter in the air,
a glitch that can happen when you use this attack is if you land on the ground during the part of the attack that actually dose damage you will end up
useing the SpecialLw attack instead which is volcano dive instead of using paralize fencer.
5.SpecialAirN a.k.a. nutral special in the air a.k.a. the weaker form of paralize fencer, there is a slight glitch when this using this attack that occurs
everyother time you use it sometime you wont get the little lights don't show up and you don't get any forward momentum, if this happens just use the
attack and usually the second time you try it while still being in the air it usually works fine.
6.SpecialAirS is just a slight recovery move. (this move dose no damage)
7.AttackLw4 a.k.a. controll stick down with a button charged a.k.a. c-stick down there is a slight glitch with this attack were unlike
marths original AttackLw4 this one has a much harder time landing the attack which is because the new animation's hit radius is off because it's still using
the original attack and it's also still using the original attack bones, so now as a result it is now harder to land the attack.

finally i think that's all the glitches, sorry there is so many.

now we get to move onto the attacks. yay!

1.AttackLw4 a.k.a. down a charged a.k.a. c-stick down is now a kick because i thought that fit noire better then marth's original attack,
i also added aura effect to the attack.

2.AttackS4S a.k.a. side a charged a.k.a. c- stick left or right starts off as marth's regular AttackS4S but once you reach 50% damage your attack
will still start with normal marth's AttackS4S but than it auto combos into torneraid sword but once you reach 75% damage your attack once again
will start with normal marth's AttackS4S than it will auto combo into torneraid sword but now after that it will auto combo into
minimum power infinite sword which has been made to resemble combo link being used over and over agin to resemble the exe gauge on neptunia victory
because in neptunia victory when your exe gauge would go up your ex finisher attacks would get stronger.
so thats why when your damage goes up this attack gets stronger however this is the only attack of noire that gets stonger as damage goes up.
another thing about this attack is when you're at 75% damage that the strongest the attack will get it will not get stronger.
also when using this attack at 75% damage you will notice that the infinite sword part of the attack hits pretty much the entire stage, while this might
sound encredibly cheap but it actully not, because of two reasons.

reason one: the infinite sword part of the attack has absolutly no knouckback and while it may still seam overpowered
because your still damaging the entire stage almost here is the second reason why it is more balenced than you may think.

reason two: for every hit landed on your opponet durring the infinite sword part of the attack you will take the same amount
of damage as your opponet does unless opponet is to far away (which is highly unlikely) whic makes it pretty fair i think.
however now your probabbly wonder than what good is the part of the attack that has the
infinite sword attack if im getting hurt just as much as my opponet well in one on one match you would be right but how ever in a
4 person match that's a different story, what i mean is this the infinite sword part of the attack is actually useful in 4 player matches
because thanks to this attack hitting pretty much the entire stage, it helps end matches alot quicker because instead of hitting only one opponet
you end up hitting everyone so you takeing some damage i think is an acceptible loss.
another thing about this attack is durring the infinite sword part you can cancel out of it at anytime by pressing any button signifigantly reducing damage
you may take from it however remember any less damage you take your opponets will take that much less damage too but if your in a one on one match
i highly recommend you cancel out of the infinite sword part of the attack, also another thing you could do instead incase you don't want to risk taking
damage, if you just want to use torneraid sword you could use the side b instead because side b is torneraid sword only thing is you will end up
auto comboing into lace ribbon dance as a result of it however you won't get the add bonus of the first attack of marth which is AttackS4S but no damage
to yourself. (whatever you pick it's up to you)

3.now were on to SpecialLw a.k.a. down special a.k.a. down b on the ground a.k.a. counter start+if counter hit=volcano dive so basicly if when you
first press down on the control stick and press b the first thing that is going to happen is you will do marth's normal counter start and if the counter hits
you will then go ahead and automaticly do vocano dive as as a result of the counter hiting. the way volcano dive works is this almost no matter how high
someones damage is it won't ko the opponet unless they're right near the edge of the stage and even than it's very unlikely. while this attack is can't k.o.
most the time it makes up for it by achiving higher damage than than marth's normal counter would do.

4.SpecialAirLw a.k.a. down special in the air a.k.a. holding the controll stick down in the air while pressing b button a.k.a. max power paralize fencer:
the way paralize fencer works is simmilar to how volcano dive works, just do a counter in the air if it hits you will auto combo into paralize fencer, the reason
the paralize fencer is called max power is this apon paralize fencer activating from you land your counter hit you will notice you are kinda glowing this glowing
means you can't get hert until your done doing the paralize fencer part of the attack. (once your done glowing you can get hurt agin though)
paralize fencer max power has a higher chance of breaking someones sheild upon impact than paralize fencer dose also it has more knouckback and it also
helps you recover to the stage better than paralize fencer dose as it geranteese that you will get momentum (as long as you landed the counter).
if you noticed i mentioned two different paralize fencers durring this explination i will explai

748 April 29th, 2014

ZeroLink Moveset by leondanny56 with credit to Kabutomaru and xNoobxSaibotx
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Link]

credits for final smash recolor go to: Kabutomaru and xNoobxSaibotx

moveset video.


before i explan this moveset let me say this, the brawlex moveset and the regular brawl moveset are the same
there just set up in different folders because the brawlex one already has cosmetics set up so you wont have to
set them up yourself.

first here are the gliches you might run into while useing this moveset.
1. there is a 40% chance you will k.o. yourself if you use the final smash in zero mode however it is only
5% if you are normal link when you use the final smash, this glitch is caused by link and zero shareing movesets

2.there is a 1/4 chance in zero mode that when you press b button in the air or on the ground you will get stuck in
place don't worry the game wont freeze but you will have to wait for some one to hit you before you can move
agin. this is caused by zero shareing his moveset with link. this harldly ever happens but still dose sometimes.
also dont worry about computers getting stuck during this because most the time the computers won't even
use zero mode at all because zero mode is activated by doing the up thant which computers almost never use
the only time computer use the up thant is if they k.o. you and even then alot of times the computer dose one
of the other thants instead or sometimes they dont do the thant at all when they k.o. you.

3.sometimes when you do the up thant the invunerableity dose not happen and instead you just do links
normal up thant dont worry though you will still go into zero mode no matter what.
the glitch mentioned happens only at certain damages

4.sometimes when you hit zero while he is using a projectile he will drop a gun, this practicly never happens
but once in a tramendously great while it dose.

5.sometimes the final smash aura either disappears or dosen't show up when you get a final smash. this happens
as the result of the attack used to clear the fog from the up thant. don't worry though this dosen't get rid of
your final smash just the aura.

6.not a glitch but i thought you might want to know that if you pick up an item dont worry no problems
but if you do pick up an item zero will asorb it this will happen to all items zero picks up so you might want
to avoid items all together except for the final smash. this is caused by me tring to make it so zero wouldn't
drop guns. however i do not know if this effects crates you pick up.

now lets talk about why this moveset is so great first off you do not have to use zero's modle import
for this moveset to work you can use any modle import or texture that you already have on link
but the attacks might not make sense so i recomend you use the modle import you can download at this link here.


you might have to scrol a down abit to get to the download though.

the modle import shown in the video and pictures is not included since i didn't make it.

this moveset is also great for people who use brawlex and people who dont use it too.

it's great for brawlex because you don't have to give up a slot for zerolink just rename each of zerolink's
files that are in his folder to fitlink like you would for anything you would put on link take
the files out of zerolink folder and put it in the link folder. simple right?
and you don't even have to get rid of normal link because you can change back and forth between
link's moveset and zero zx moveset by just doing the
up thant for zero mode or do the down thant for link mode.

somthing also cool is that you can put a single slot size mod character even if it requires a motionetc.pac for incase
you have something like amy rose on one of your colors or young link however you can only choose one two have use
a single slot size mod that requires motionetc.pac in order to do this just take the motionetc.pac of ethier
amy rose or young link or who ever you decide and replace zerolink's motionetc.pac with your own. cool huh?
this is possible because this moveset can work with out the motionetc.pac it's just in there for if you want to put it
on one of your extra slots for brawlex.

Next lets disscuss the moveset this is not eldren's zero moveset this is my zero zx moveset improved by 100%
combined with link's normal moveset, so baisicly this is two movesets in one.

first off when you start a match you will notice all your attacks are just normal link's attacks but when you do
the up thant thats when the real fun begins upon doing this if you are right next to someone and you are at
0% damage you will end up doing zero's seceret attack this attack can only be done at 0% damage if you are
even 1 point of damage higher you won't do the zero attack this was done so you couldn't spam the attack
however no matter what persentage your at you will still go into zero mode after you have done the up thant
what is zero mode you ask well it is where if you stand still for just a few seconds you will notice zero start
glowing this means you are in zero mode when in zero mode your moveset will almost be complitely different
than normal link's moveset this is because you are now useing my newly improved zero zx moveset with
100% improvement meaning far less glitches than my old zx moveset and
it also dosen't have any glitch that will cause the game to freeze that being said however there are still some
minnor glitches which i will mention after i tell you about the zero mode movest.

first off while in zero mode if you do the side thant you will add damage to yourself so that you can do full
powered attacks instead of weak attacks or if you want you can just wait untail you get high damage to use
stronger attacks because another part of how zero mode works is the higer the damage the better the attack
however don't wory the attacks make alot more sense than my old zero zx moveset also they are alot easyer
to rember now because there are only two sets for attacks weak and full power.

now on to each attack first off lets go back to the up thant remember how i said you can do the zero attack
at 0% damage well at any higher you will do an invulnerable thant wich is really useful if your oppoent has
a final smash because by spaming the invulnerableity you can complitely block final smashes nice huh?

next if your damage is somewhat higher when you use the up thant you will do a fog attack this fog is mainly
ment to be a distraction and also if someone is right next to you, you may end up doing a small amount of
damage to them, if you want to get rid of the fog just either press a or use your down special attack.
however if the computer activates the fog i am sorry but you will have to wait until the computer dose either
their a button attack or their down special for the fog to disappear.

after that if your somewhat above that amount of damage when you do the up thant and are facing
left you well do a teleport attack with the down a charge attack as part of it, but if facing right you will do
a different teleport attack with up a charage attack as part of it. both of theese attacks move zero foward.

next one last thing about the thants the side thant will only add damage to you if you use it in zero mode,
it will not add damage to you in link mode. you can go back to being normal link by doing the down thant.

next lets talk about the normal attacks

if you press a while in the air you will do a circular spin attack.
if you press a while on the ground you automaticly do link's firs two a button attacks but new to this is zero
will auto add a third hit that charges up and then moves him foward with the attack.
if you press b while in the air you will do a circular spin attack like when you press a in the air however added
to this is now zero shots out a yellow orb and you can mover zero during this attack.
if you press b while on the ground you will shot a very puny orb which does a very small amount of damage
and also zero will move foward however if this is at full power by you being at the right amount of damage
you will do a much better attack where zero shots out a much larger yellow orb which dose a decent amount
of damage and it also shots out a fast moveing projectil as well, it also dose a strong down a charge at the end
of it.
if you do your side special in the air you will do a dash that auto combos into your a button in the air attack
if you do your side special on the ground however you will just do a normal dash.
if you do your down special in the air you will do a stabing sword attack which causes you to louse altitude
if you do your down special on the ground it will be complitely different except for the end of the attack.
down special on the ground starts with zero putting his hand up to cause an electric attack that goes upward
after that he auto combos into the stabing attack you would do in the air.
if you use your down a button attack not charged you do links normal down a but if you are at full power
you will use the same kind of attack but now there will be some yellow orbs around zero which do a good
amount of added damage.
if you press down a button and make sure it's the charged one you will do links normal down a charge but if
you are at full power when you use it some electric sparks gfx will happen and your attack will have an
electric effect and the attack will also do more damge than normal.

last two things first is zerolinks final smash is just normal links final smash but it is now green please use it only in
link mode otherwise you will k.o. yours

571 March 22nd, 2013

Shine Link (Final) by TDevil21, leondanny56
[Character - Texture, Moveset (PSA) - Link]

This the final version of shine link. It includes a texture and the PSA. It was deleted by me long ago on accident but leondany56 got it back in action folk so here you go!

i want everyone know that the texture of link in the previews is not the one that is included. the one included is different and also the reason there are preview pictures of a different link are to show people that this psa will work with any texture or
model import of link not just the one included.

1094 June 28th, 2014

Megaman zx ultimate Zero psa updated by leondanny56 with credit to Hazama Kusanagi, Eldiran, marioking64DS and BeyondYou and RoyMaster4
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Link]

earlyer this was reported for having broken previews.
this moveset is very out of date so please do not try to download this, if you were to use this in battle your wii would probably freeze so instead please use the newest version of this moveset which is called the zerolink moveset which can be downloaded here:


update:01/17/13: I am sorry to not have noticed a new problem happen till now with this psa i just found out that this psa is still freezing randomly, I have tried everything i can think of and i still can't seem to fix it so i just wanted to let everyone know that if they have downloaded this psa or plan to download this psa it might cause their game to freeze randomly.

a new glich with this psa has been found so i am letting you know about it now, the glitch is that if you use any texture or modle import that is not included in this psa it will probully pause when you use the nutrual b attack in the air it happen to me just yesterday anyway if you dont want this psa to pause please put the included modle import texture on every slot of link.

This psa has been updated to the final update you can get it buy redownloading this psa or by going to the site below


this update is very important if you don't want your wii to freeze from the previous download of this psa also now if you click on the third image it has a video of the changes to this psa as of this final update.

here are the updates.

1. now cant get hit during final smash anymore.
2. cant get hit while thanting anymore.
3. cant get hit during seceret attack anymore but dont worry
it still cant be spamed.
4. now zero dosent get stuck in a ball any more.
5. animations are now more fluid.
6. nutral b in the air no longer freezes the game.
7. zero no longer randomly sildes from end of side b animation
he still has after image thing happen though.
8. zero no longer stays in animations to long and you no longer run out of jumps when you don't expect to.
9. AttackAirLw or in other words the attack when you hold down the control stick and press a button in the air it no longer stuns oppents when it hits, this was done to make zero more fair.

do you like eldiran's zero psa but think it's too hard to
use charge attacks with it and that it took away
to many of links attacks?

do you like the omega zero psa but think it is
to overpowered?

(than this is the psa for you)

first here are the glitches

1. this has the same after image glich my epic knuckles psa has where if you go off a cliff using the side b it will
sometimes show you going off the cliff but after the image dissapears you will still be on the cliff.

2. this psa might cause a tiny bit of lag but it's barly noticeable.

3. this psa will freeze if you play sub space emessay with it or if you do multi man melle or if you do try to start boss battles with it or if you use a modle import or texture other than the included one.

(This psa is meant for versus only)

that's all for the glitches.

now on to the images shown they are included in the download, image 1 is of zeros specialLw attack
and image 2 is an image of zeros AttackAirLw attack.
but if you want a detailed demonstration of the attacks than click on the third image but please do not report on the picture quality of the video, because
the 3ds is the only camera i have at the moment and i
cant make the video clearer.

the way zeros attacks work are like this the higher your damage the stronger the attack and attacks will not only get stronger
but they will also chage quite a bit.

and now on to the attacks:

nutral b is laser blaster it starts of as small fire balls and as your damage goes up the fire balls will get bigger and go further and become more useful.

nutral b in the air this attack is not the same at all instead of doing what you did on the ground you will do a lunge attack with a jump back at the end.

side b is a dash same with in the air except in the air this attack automatically combos into the nutral a air attack.

down b is a electric field going upword which
automatically combos into nutral b airs lunge attack except without the jump back effect at the end,
this attack is the same in the air as on the ground except in the air it dosen't automatically combo into
the lunge attack instead it automatically combos into
nutral a air attack.

for all other attacks refer to the info about attacks file
in the info about attacks folder included in the download.

724 October 3rd, 2012

Knuckles epic psa by leondanny56 with credit to xxgbcxx, SiLeNtDo0m, Beyondyou, Velen Zaiga, mariodk and SmashClash
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Lucario]

some people had a hard time download this because of where the download site was set at so now it has
been changed to midafire
so just redownload if you werent able to get the hack

unlike sonic I dont chuckle I wold rather flex my muscles.

one thing I want everyone to know is that any lucario
texture can be used with the psas in this download

here are the glitches but before I mention them
I want everyone to know that none of the glitches will cause the game to freeze so dont worry
no freezeing.

glitch one:
when going off a ledge because of spindash sometimes a afterimage affect will happen it will show you going off the ledge but when the after image disappears you will still be on the ledge.

glitch two:
Knuckles holds item weirdly.

last glitch:
a couple of attacks look a little a little clunky.

and one more thing which I wasnt able to do was remove aura from waiting and running animation and
I could not remove aura effect from a couple of grabs.

these psas can be described in one word Epic that is why this has two psas included in it.

it has a regular knuckles psa and a Epic Knuckles psa
included in it. The difference between the Knuckles psa in the knuckles folder
and the psa in the Epic Knuckles folder is there is a graphic
on the last part of the b button attack when it has done the third punch.

the reason I have included these two psas instead of one is because
while I perfer the Epic Knuckles psa instead of the Knuckles psa
there are still people that might want him to be more true to the
actull Knuckles. You see the graphic in the Epic Knuckles psa makes
the 3rd part of the b button attack look over powered but it is actully
inflicting the same amount of damage and knockback as the Knuckles psa
which is included in the Knuckles folder the only difference is there
is no graphic on the 3rd part of the b button attack.

and now on to what each attack for knuckles however I will not mention all attacks because
there are alot of attacks so because of this I will mention some attacks and as for the rest you will have to refer to the info on attacks folder that is included in this download.

special attacks
aka b button attacks:

SpecialS: aka side b on the ground is spindash so baisicly just
use it the same as you would sonics spindash however
Knuckles spindash doesnt have to be charged so
just do the side b attack
and off you go. this move is suppose to resemble sonics spindash

SpecialLw: aka down b on the ground is ground smack it is a move where
Knuckles will begin to charge an attack that will take a while to build up but it is one of Knuckles best attacks if it hits it will stun the enemy
and do a good amount of damage you can even hit the enemy while
they are still stuned if you can time it right however this move can be hard
to land because it is extremly predictable and pretty slow so basicly
try to time it like you would gannondorfs punch the warlock punch
this attack can be cancled out by holding the b button until the end of the charge this was done to fake out
enemys. this move is suppose to resemble that attack on sa2b
(stands for sonic adveture 2 battle) it is that Special attack on verses mode
where when you have enough rings and press b Knuckles would say
get down he would then hit the ground with his fist and it would hurt the enemy. Note: the best way I found to land this attack is to try using it right after you do the third punch in thouch attack knuckles nutrul b attack is the one im refering to.

SpecialHi: aka up b on the ground
is a controllable glide meaning you can aim it just
like lucarios super jump but the difference is that if you come in contact
with someone while aiming it to the left or right it will do damage.
this attack is suppose to resemble Knuckles when he glides.

SpecialN aka nutrual b on the ground is touch attack
some people might refer to it as Knuckles punch but I will be calling it touch attack is an attack where when Knuckles
first dose a punch he then dose a second punch and then he does a third punch which moves him forword with the punch.

and now on to extra stuff in included in this download
thing included are a csp of knuckles and epic knuckles
a battle portrite of knuckles and a victory brstrm
for when you win a match with knuckles also info on all new attacks and animations and info on the difference between the two psas has been included
and the ingame images shown are also included.

next let me tell you what each image shown is.

image one is an image of knuckles doing his controllable glide attack.

image two is an image of knuckles doing his
ground smack attack.

and now there is a new youtube video for you to watch select the third image to view it.

thats all and happy brawling.

709 November 2nd, 2012

poketrainer psa ver.2 by leondanny56 with credit to DSX8
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Solid Snake]

this was reported as being a broken download so now i have reuploaded it and i have changed the download site to mediafire so if any one had trouble downloading it. just try to download it agin and it will work fine.

someone reported this being a pokemon hack and not a snake hack but this does go on snake there is nothing wrong with the hack side b is still pokeballs
and nutrul b is still bumpers this hack is spose to be poketrainer on snake a poketraier moveset of my own thoughts of how the trainer would fight if he were brawling himself instead of the poketrainer that was originally on brawl

sorry I forgot to include the pokemon colosseum import texture even thou I credited the person for it
anyway it is included now so please redownload if you want it just remember I did not make the import character the person credited above did so please give him credit for it and me credit for the psa only.

this psa is exactly the same as my poketrainer psa
a.k.a. my pokemon trainer psa except it now has a new final smash called the gigamite.

the reason it is called the
gigamite is because the bumpers you see in the ingame images will always
closely be in the same position as in the ingame images and it will always
generate 7 bumpers but im getting off track the main reason why this final
smash is called the gigamite is because the bumpers are aranged in a way
that kind of resembles a great big magnamite hence the giga part of the name.

on a side note about the final smash:
three pokemon will come out during the final smash
these three pokmon will always be random however based on the amount
of items there is on the stage the amount of pokemon that come out
during the final smash will change from 3 to 2 to 1 and maybe even no
pokemon will come out during the final smash it all based the amount of
items on the stage when you use the final smash so dont rely on the
pokemon part of the final smash however even thou the amount of pokemon changes the amount of bumpers never will it will always be 7 bumpers in all and almost always
be in the same position to resemble magnimite.

image 1 is an image of the final smash being used in the air.

image 2 is an image of the final smash being used on the ground.

and image 3 is an image showing that different pokemon show up during the final smash and that the pokemon that show up during the final smash
are always random.

also the ingame images shown are included and so is a read me in the useful info about final smash folder
that explains how the final smash works and
how to use it effectively.

1368 May 30th, 2014

Lloyd version T psa balenced by leondanny56 with credit to ShadowSnake
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Pit]

i just got a message saing this psa's .zip isn't working right agin, the .zip works fine it works for me every time also three things about this psa first please people stop trying to open the .zip it has to be extracted not opened next this psa is a fitpit.pac only it dosen't require a motion.etc to work next this moveset is very out of date please wait until the newest one is uploaded and download that one instead and one last thing if it's not extracting properly than it is probly because you need to have 7zip instaled on your computer.

this psa was reported for not extracting properly but i just tried downloading it and it extraced just fine.

This psa is exactly the same as my Lloyd Irving version T psa except the
damage and knockback for a lot of attacks has
been changed to make Lloyd more balenced that is why this psa is called the
Lloyd version T psa balenced because it is now balenced.

and that is also why I have included the same ingame
images as in the last version.

but however I have included some new things with this version the things I have Included are a csp, a battle portrite and the brstm from the last version for
the victory screen.

394 February 25th, 2013

jin kisaragi psa by leondanny56
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Marth]

this was reported for being a broken download i am sorry this download has been broken for a while but i have now fixed the download link for this hack so if you couldn't get this download before please try downloading it agin.

sorry you will have to click on each image shown to know what the attacks are suppose to look like.

This is my jin kisaragi psa that I made from scratch.

now first off let me tell you what the imaes are.

image1 is an image of jins attackLw4 a.k.a.
marths smash down attack it is now an attack
that is suppose to resemble jins long range
frostbite attack

image 2 is an image of jins specialN attack
a.k.a. marths nutral special attack is now
an attack that is suppose to resemble jins frostbite attack aswell except now when you use it, it combos into maths original nutrul special if you hold the b button down during the move however this move is a short range move.

image 3 is an image of jins final smash it is suppose to resemble the astral finish he uses in blazeblue.

it is a very long range final smash and it will
porbly hit everyone on the stage however if you are
on a stage as big as the new pork stage than it wont hit sombudy on the opposite side of the stage, however this final smash isn't overpowered
because it only dose about 50 points of damage however seeing as it's
jins astral finish it freezes the opponets the same as jins astral finish would
and the best part is it will probly hit no matter where you use it.

I have included the ingame images shown
and an explination of the attacks the animations
and what they are suppose to resemble from blazeblue and othe useful information about the attacks on a readme included in the download.

p.s. I did not make the included texture
I only made the psa.

117 October 28th, 2012

random ray psa by leondanny56
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Luigi]

this had been reported for being a broken download
sorry about that but if anyone had trouble downloading this psa before please just try to download it agin because I have now fixed the download so now the download isn't broken anymore.

you will have to click on each of the images shown to
get a clear idea of what they are because the images I put on the vault when they shrunk for the preview
the character doing the attacks in the picture didnt
show up on the preview but if you click on the images shown then you can still see the whole picture.

next let me explain the images

image 1 is random rays new double fire ball attack
the first fire ball is luigis normal one but the second
one that appears is bigger and stronger it even extends the range of the attack this move can also be done with the side smash attack the difference
is it will only do the second fire ball.

image 2 is an image of random rays new attack
the shell kick it is on the down thant, it is an attack
where luigi pulls out a green shell out of nowhere
and kicks it the image shows exactly what it does.

image 3 is an image and an explination of
random rays
two final smashs 3 technickly.
if done in the air you pull out an assist trophy during it. if done on the ground you pull out a hammer during it but if you are holding an item when you use
the final smash it will do luigis normal final smash
except without the danceing part.

next let me explain the reason this is called the random ray psa it is because nearly every attack pulls out some kind of item you never know witch item you will pull out however a list of all the items
you wont pull out has been included and the images shown have been included too even a list explaning
the attacks and other useful info has been included.

and last but not least almost all attacks have changed to fire and ice attacks

I did not make included texture I only made the psa

1334 February 5th, 2012

Lloyd Irving version T final psa by leondanny56
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Pit]

this is the final version of my Lloyd version T psa.

this has quite a few changes but before I explain what they are let me tell you what the images are.

image 1 is Lloyds new up thant animation it dose the same thing as before but now he does the animation
that is in image one.

image 2 is Lloyds new air high attack it is the same as his attack high on the gound except now you can
do the attack in the air too.

image 3 is just an image of where you see the
lights in Lloyds down thant.

next let me point out this psa has four versions that are included 2 have wings and 2 dont have wings they also heal the same as the previous version it just now the psas have been updated to the
final version and 2 have wings on the super jump while the other 2 dont have wings on the super jump.

also the ingame images shown are included and so is everthing elese that was in the previous version but now the psas have been updated to the final version
and the video about the super jump as been removed by me because now with this version the super jump is a regular super jump because now
the attack tempest as been transfered to the
nutral a button in the air.
also winning and loseing animations have been changed and I have changed other moves so that Lloyds two sword never become combine into one sword, I have also changed sword flare color so now it stays more true to Lloyds
sword flare on tales of symphonia.
also a multipule of list of all the changes has been included.

329 January 23rd, 2012

elemental marth mkI by leondanny56
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Marth]

I want to say im sorry for misleading some people on
this psa because I have been using it in more battles
and found out it is overpowered im sorry for saying it wasnt overpowered so please dont report because of that also I want everyone to know im sorry about say the mkI punch wouldnt spike ganondorf at 0% damage while in the center of the stage, you see the computer was ganondorf back when I tested it and some how he didnt get spiked but I have tested it a bunch more since then and it seems to always spike no matter what as long as the mkI punch hits it spikes who ever it hit so sorry for that and please ignore the part in the read me that talks about ganondorf. please dont report this because that part of the read me is wrong and because a while back I made the mastake of say this isnt overpowered.

this is the awsome elemental marth mkI psa the reason why it is called mkI is because most people dont know that marth has developed a new move, you
see marth has caried his sword around for a very very
long time and because of that marth has gained tramendous strength in his hand so much so that it is even stonger than ganondorfs warlock punch.
anyway thats the backstory on marths mkI punch.

and now what you really want to know the moves and attacks. first off is image 1 is an image of one of marths many many elemental moves his up b to be percise also as you see in image 3 he has electricity when you hold b during his mkI punch which is his
nutral b attack and all his moves now have elemental effects I made sure to include on of every element except for ground and wind any way I also wanted to point out something I forgot to mention in the read me marths counter is now an epic electric counter, try it and see... also his final smash is better than ever before. for 1 thing you wont end up killing yourself like you would before well actually it could still happen but I would say the chances are about 2 out of 100 times thats if you use it when everyone has just respawned and they are all invulnerable to damage. also there is something awsome about marths final smash now so please please try it.
and last but not least the ingame images shown here are included and so is the
texture shown in image 2. one more thing image 2 is his mkI punch like I was saying it is very powerfull.
NOTE: I wont lie the mkI puch is meant to be a spikeing move but it is a little slow and can be avoided easily in one on one matches but in 4 player matches it dominates also if it misses it combos into marths original nutral b attack it can even be charged like before.

365 October 3rd, 2012

electro cloud by leondanny56 with credit to .fade
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Ike]

this is an edit to the cloud version 2.5 psa i did not make that psa so dont give credit to me for that psa all i did was add nice trick to one of the combos the tripple a move in other words the AAA combo now first A stuns 2nd A shocks and last A dose another kind of stun...

the first picture is one of the electric changes
the second picture is the amount of damage final smash dose now the 3rd picture is one of the attacks
that now has stun

The 2nd thing I did was I added electricity to almost all of his moves even grabs...

3rd I changed amount of damage for most moves so now some moves might be considered over powered but they take good timeing to ko oppoents I also changed amout of jumps to 999 and made him run faster...

4th thank to changeing damage now final smash some times starts with little damage or a ton of damage and when cloud brings you down for last part of final smash it stops for a breif moment than dose last part of final smash grantees ko.

Includes cloud texture not made by me so dont give me cerdit for texture and includes ingame images shown...


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