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1  Help & Tutorials / Model Tutorials / How to know if your Model is Too High Poly or Not (Plus information on Nodes) on: February 14, 2016, 12:17:11 AM
Thanks to BlackJax for most (if not all) of this information.

When importing into the newest brawlbox, when you see the MDL0 of the character (what you replace for the new character), you should see some values on the top right window. Facepoint count and Node count are the important ones.

Node count for brawl characters are around 300, although I have seen 600 (that might have been a skin wrapped character, though). Node count is essentially how accurate your skinning is. The more accurate (all the weights have like 0.0000000001 difference), the higher the value. The less accurate, the lower the value. When importing and using Tristripper, it's weight precision. A value of 0.01 should be fine, although you can play around with it and check your results out to see if a higher value would be better (with a value of 0.01, that means that values that are 0.01 apart are considered the same).

Node count can inflate when using the Blend tool a lot while rigging. Keep that in mind.

Facepoint count is the more obvious one. It's a value of all the Faces, Verts, UV Points, and some convoluted stuff that equates to the final value. In a vacuum, a Facepoint count of 17,000 will be around when a model will lag with 4 on screen on Skyloft (iirc). It is important to remember that the Facepoint count only takes into account models that are on screen. So if the model has expressions and has visibility bones set up properly, they won't affect the lag until they show up (but if you did set visibility bones up properly, there won't be a problem at all). This can be seen with Wolf and how his Facepoint count is at 22k, but he doesn't lag (because visibility bones are set up properly).

NOTE: High polycount = High Facepoint count
Low Facepoint count != Low Polycount

Just because you shaved off 9000 faces, doesn't mean you'll see that much of a reduction of Facepoints. But the best way to reduce Facepoints is by reducing faces.

I have no idea what the formula for calculating it is, but this is what I've found out from asking people and a lot of testing.

Hope you find this information useful.
2  Help & Tutorials / A/A Tutorials / How to use Defensive Collisions to Reflect Projectiles. on: February 10, 2014, 03:00:34 PM
Hey everyone, drogoth here with a tutorial on how to make your character reflect projectiles.

The credit for finding this gem doesn't go to me (although I don't remember where I found it...) and I hope everyone can find use for it as I have

Defensive Collision:
Parameter 1: 3
Parameter 2: 0
Parameter 3: 2

What happens is that your character will reflect a projectile and a "clang" sound will play. Similar to when you Shield against a projectile perfectly and it gets reflected back.

I looked around in the Guard subactions (GuardOn, GuardOff, GuardDamage, and Guard) and wasn't able to find any references to it. So instead of having newbies and others search around the forums for hours to find it, here it is for anyone who needs it.



What you're referring to is a defensive collision. If a character has no such thing, this won't work properly.
3  Help & Tutorials / A/A Tutorials / Change Subaction Command on: February 10, 2014, 02:49:04 PM
Hey, everyone. Drogoth here with a very basic tutorial about an event that every PSAer should know aside from Asynchronous and Synchronous Timers and Hitboxes.

In this tutorial I'll be talking about a very basic event (or parameter, if you prefer) in PSA called Change Subaction. I won't get into the specifics of every possible way to use Change Subaction, but I'll list two ways to use it.

The Change Subaction event does exactly what it says: Changes the current Subaction to another one. This isn't to be confused with the Goto command (which doesn't change the animation). Don't worry if you made that error, I made the same mistake myself multiple times when I first started out.

Change Subaction can be very versatile when used, and can lead to extremely intricate movesets or even just make transitions from animations look smooth.

I'll be showing you the most basic example of how you can use the Change Subaction command. The text within the spoilers is what you would have within the Subaction (whether it's Main, GFX, SFX, or Other)

Example 1: Making Subaction1 transition to Subaction2 after the end of Subaction1.
Asynchronous Timer: frames = 14
Change Subaction: Subaction2

And that's it. Simple as that.

But what does it mean?

Asynchronous Timer: frames = 14 - After Frame 14, something occurs
Change Subaction: Subaction2 - The current subaction goes to a new subaction

Now, I'm going to use an example from a personal hack of mine (Skyward Sword Link), and show you how to use Change Subaction after pressing a Button

Example 2: Make Subaction1 go to Subaction2 after pressing a button
Set Loop Infinite
   Synchronous Timer: frames=1
   If Button Pressed: 2
      Change Subaction: sub action=Subaction2
   End If
Execute Loop

But what does this mean?

Let's break it down now, shall we?
Set Loop -1 (PSA translates this to infinite)- This sets/starts a loop that goes on during the Subaction. Depending on the number put in, you can loop the next few events 5 times, 15 times, 500 times, or an infinite amount of times.

Synchronous Timer: 1- After every single frame, something occurs or happens.

If Button Pressed: 2 - If Button 2 (which are the Jump buttons, X and Y) are pressed

Change Subaction: Subaction2 - Changes the Subaction to a new subaction

End If - Ends the If statement. It's the equivalent to a period at the end of a sentence. It's incorrect without it.

Execute Loop - The loop gets carried out.

There are a MULTITUDE of uses for Change Subaction. And because it's so simple, it can be used in the most creative of ways if combined with the correct events.

Hope this tutorial will be useful for some of the newbies that come around!
4  Help & Tutorials / Help / Get a disc read error when playing versus on project M on: February 07, 2014, 03:32:52 PM
Hey, all.

So as the topic title states, I get a disc read error when playing versus mode in P:M. I had turbo set on, but other than that, I made no changes (I was running PM to make sure my SD card was formatted correctly). It was also after the countdown before the match started (when the announcer says "Go")

I was able to play training mode with no problems, but as soon as I went into turbo versus, I got the error.

Even more background. I have a 4.3u Wii and letterbombed it. Installed Homebrew and through that loaded up P:M.

Oh, I'm also using a SDHC.

Post Merge: February 08, 2014, 07:56:52 AM

An odd bump too.

I loaded up P:M again to see if it only happened with versus. As soon as I loaded up P:M (after the strap screen), it gave me the disc read error.

I tried it again, to see if it would keep happening... aaaand nothing. No disc error at all. I even managed to play two or three matches with no disc read error.

5  Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacking / Attacks and Animations / Large Leader's PSA's™: Closing! on: April 17, 2013, 02:42:18 PM
Hey everyone, Large Leader here.


1. Unless specified, my hacks won't work for Project M.
2. None of my hacks will be 100% true to the games. This is so that each character won't feel overloaded in comparison to Brawls cast.

Color legend within each moveset:

Lime Green - Animation is done
Red - PSA is done
Blue - PSA and Animation is done
Green - Is Released
No color - Not Worked On (Yet!)

WIP Movesets:

PROJECT! Ocarina of Time Magic Power Link!

Wait4: Link tightens his belt
Wait5: Link stretches his arms
Wait6: Link taps his feet on the ground

Wait7: Link bends over and breaths heavily. This can only be done if Link has at least or more than 100% damage

There are two sets of basic attack combos:

Attack 11, 12, 13 - Two slashes right with a final slash left

Forward Tilt - Is a 3 hit combo. Two fast stabs with a final stronger stab.

AttackLow - A stab from behind his shield

Attack Dash - Jump strike

Neutral Special: Bow - Link pulls out his bow and shoots and arrow. Depending on the last smash attack you've used, you'll either fire a normal arrow, ice arrow, or fire arrow.

Side Special: Deku Nut Toss - Link pulls out a Deku Nut and throws it on the ground close to himself. The attack itself deals very little damage, while stunning the opponents for a quick follow-up attack.

Down Smash: Din's Fire - Kneeling down, Link slams his left hand on the ground causing a dome of fire to slowly expand around him. The dome hits multiple times, each doing less damage.

Up Smash: Nayru's Love - Kneeling down, Link places his hands on the ground beside him causing a blue, diamond-shaped barrier to form around him. The shield causes a small amount of damage over time to enemies next to, or inside it and it reflects projectiles.

Side Smash: Farore's Wind - Link's Side Smash is no longer a two part smash. Instead, it's an extremely versatile one part Side Smash. Depending on the direction that you move the control stick, Link will fire Farore's Wind in a different direction.

Final Smash: Ocarina of Time – Link pulls out the Ocarina given to him by Zelda as a child and plays a small tune depending on the button input.

No Button Input: Song of Time – Link plays the Song of Time which slows down the movements of all his enemies

If A is Pressed: Song of Storms – Link plays the Song of Storms which causes Lightning to strike down on enemies around him

If B is pressed: Sun’s Song – Link plays the Sun’s Song which causes all enemies around Link to catch fire.


Skyward Sword Link
Brawl Vault Entry: http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=35144

Attributes: He'll be like Link Awesome Face, but he'll have a faster run speed (he be sprintin')

Neutral B: Bow. I'll be using the Sacred Bow over his Regular one, although I am in the process of acquiring his other bows as well. Stats of the arrow will be the same, no increased knockback or anything. If I make an edit, it'll be toning down the damage.

Side B: Beetle. Yep. It won't have any of the Gale Boomerang Graphics or the small push/grab thingy it had. Will have return hitboxes.

Down B: Bombs. No change here, other than texture.

Up B: Spin Attack. No change here, either.

Dash Attack: Link performs a jump strike.

AAA+: Link performs his three hit combo before moving to his Attack 100. His Attack 100 will be the Illusion Stab. I experimented with the "waggle in all directions" and that didn't turn out quite neat and nice.

Side Tilt 1: Shield Bash (see Other Random Stuff Section).

Side Tilt 2: Link's normal Side Tilt

Up Tilt : Similar to normal Link's uptilt except he spins.

Down Tilt: Same

Up Air: Link Spins and slashes upward.

Neutral Air: Link slashes infront of him and then turns around to slash behind himself

Forward Air: Same.

Back Air: Link spins around and slashes behind himself before turning back forward

Down Air: Link swings downwards with his Shield and then his sword. The shield will be a spike while his sword will knock the opponent upwards.

Side Smash: Link performs a spin slash in one direction, and can attack again with a spin slash in the opposite direction.

Up Smash: Same

Down Smash: Same. Although the first hit links into the next. Will have reduced knockback to compensate.

Ground Final Smash: Link's sword crackles with energy as he crouches to the ground. He suddenly will leap into the air with the Master Sword held high while spinning and then plunge it into the ground. Will have a very large hitbox and deal tons of damage, but won't grab you a kill unless they get hit by the sword itself.

Air Final Smash: Same as original Link's

Other Random Stuff for Link not related to smacking the life out of someone!:

Entry: Link's trusty Loftwing flies overhead as he plummets to the stage. Upon landing, he unsheaths his sword and pulls his shield off his back.

Shield Bash: Link rams his shield forward and allows him to block all damage up to 20% and reflecting all article projectiles. Damage that can be absorbed is subject to change.

Sailcloth Fall: Link will whip out his trusty Sail Cloth as he falls. He'll have reduced fall speed, although he'll be very mobile.

Skyward Fall: Link lets go of the Sailcloth and then spreads his arms wide as he falls down. He'll have increased fall speed, but he won't be very mobile at all.

Right Taunt: Fi will dance above you as you stare around at the pretty-pretty sparkles.

Up Taunt: Here's where it gets interesting. Link spins his sword and then points in towards the sky. The sword begins to glow, and after a few moments, you return to your Waiting Animation. Except for one change: Your sword is now charged with energy. Now, you can perform any three attacks of your choosing and they'll throw out a Skyward Strike.

Skyward Strike: A projectile that's thrown out by all A-Attacks. It is NOT a replacement for the Bow, so it doesn't have super special awesome range. Does 7% Damage. Damage is subject to change.

Now for some goodies!

First Beta (Unreleased) Preview of Link
Skyward Sword Link PSA Preview

A Beta picture of Link's Skyward Strike.....

And two videos!

First is Fi's dance
Next is the Beta version of Link's Final Smash

Hector: Fire Emblem 7
Brawl Vault Entry: http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=202557

Wait - Changed to Hector's Great Lord Wait

AAA - Will be changed to AA. Will consist of two swings of his axe going back and forth.

Side Tilt - A Stab with the head of Hector's Axe. Relatively fast, low damage, and can be used to set up a combo.

Up Tilt - An upward swing with Hector's Axe.

Attack Dash - Hector performs a one handed slash with his axe, from top to bottom.

Up Smash - Hector puts his axe over his head and spins it. Very slow start up. Multi hit.

Side Smash - Hector spins and then brings his axe diagonally downwards. Debating whether or not to make it a two part smash attack.

Air Up - Hector spins  his axe striking the opponent multiple times. Sends them upwards. Very fast and does moderate damage.

Air Back - Hector turns around and kicks his opponent.

Neutral Special - Same as Ike's except does more damage and has lightning gfx. If a full charge is achieved, Hector will have the ability to OHKO almost anyone, anything, anywhere. The downside being that the move has ridiculous amounts of end lag if fully charged.

Side Special - Here is what sets apart what any normal Hector moveset would do. His side special is a 3 part move which can be used to either bring the enemy towards you for a quick basic attack combo or finish the combo for a huge knockback move.

Hector's Side Special:

Part 1: Set up - Hector pulls his axe back.
Part 2:  Grab - Hector Grabs the opponent with his axe and pulls them towards him. At this point, either you can continue the combo, or stop and start beating up your opponent with a basic attack combo or a grab. Does no damage.
Part 3: Spin - Hector spins, hitting the opponent with his axe twice: once with the hilt and again with the blade of his axe. Does a lot of damage and great knockback.

Up Special - Hector jumps up, and then plunges downward with his axe. Only has one hitbox going up and then another going down. Does more damage if they are hit with the blade of the axe.

Down Special - Counter - Hector taunts the opponent. When hit, Hector takes full damage while returning 3 times the damage done to him.

Final Smash - Hector throws a small throwing axe at his opponent, stunning them. He then spins Armads above him, then smashes it into the ground and leaps forward into the air. Hector then plunges downward with his axe. This Final Smash will happen even if the initial axe doesn't connect

Final Smash Air: Hector spins twice and then spikes the opponent down with his axe.

Roy: Fire Emblem 6!
Brawl Vault Entry: http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=202556

Wait 1: His basic stance will be the Sword of Seals unsheathed and in his hand.
Wait 2: Roy sheathes his sword. The wait will last at least 200 frames.

AA Combo - Will be different compared to Marth's. Will be a bit stronger than Marth's.

Side Smash - Will be a quick stab.

Down Smash - Roy slashes in one direction, and then spins.

Up Smash - Roy performs an overhead slash, making a wide arc

Dash attack - Will be a lunging stab.

Neutral Air - Roy spins with his sword

Forward Air - Roy slashes horizontally with his sword

Back Air - Roy stabs backwards with his sword

Down Air - Roy performs a backflip and slashes downward. Can spike, and spikes hard when it hits.

Side Special - Has five parts

Part 1 - Roy does a low slash, stunning the opponent
Part 2 - He follows up by perform a horizontal slash
Part 3 - Afterwards, he performs an overhead slash
Part 4 - Crouching down, he performs a rising uppercut into a backflip
Part 5 - To end it off, he rushes forward, knocking the enemy upwards

Neutral Special - Will be his signature Flare Blade except with a different animation. Will have two different hitboxes. One will be on his sword, the other will be a projectile that explodes when it comes in contact with an enemy. Only one hitbox can connect. If the sword connects, then the projectile won't get sent out. If the sword doesn't connect, the projectile is sent out.

Down Special - Same as what he does in Melee/Project M

Up Special - Will be what he does in Melee/Project M. If all the hitboxes connect, then Roy can follow up with any aerial attack

Final Smash - Roy raises the Sword of Seals into the air as it bursts into flame. Roy instantly heals 30 damage.

Spot Dodge - Will be similar to the way Roy dodges in Fire Emblem 6.


Here are projects that are (for now) either On Hold or Cancelled until further notice.

Angeal - Crisis Core: Final Fantasy (Moveset is 10% planned)

Ephraim/Kain Highwind (Moveset is 100% planned)

PROJECT! Tidus: Final Fantasy X/Dissidia

AAA Combo: Two slashes, going back and forth.

Dash Attack: FFX basic attack

Forward Tilt: Tosses a Blitzball

Down Tilt: CF-esque kick

Up Tilt: Headbutt Blitzball upwards? Or upward slash?

Up Air: Upwards spinning dropkick

Neutral Air: Spins rapidly with Brotherhood

Down Air: Slashes downwards and flips

Back Air: Throws a Blitzball

Front Smash: Cut and Run

Up Smash: Dart and Weave

Down Smash: Full Slide

Up Special: Jecht Shot

Neutral Special: Stick and Move (Analog stick determines direction of throw)

Forward Special: Spiral Cut

Forward Special Air: Slice and Dice

Down Special: Energy Rain

Final Smash: Equip Cadalbolg.

Tidus equips Cadalbolg, making all his attacks deal more damage and changing his running animation. Running allows him to reflect projectiles, if he's facing the right direction.

If Tidus uses his Neutral Special while in Overdrive, he performs Blitz Ace

Cadalbolg's increased damage does not apply to Blitz Ace.

PROJECT! Zack Fair: Final Fantasy 7 - Crisis Core

Wait1: His Wait from Crisis Core

Attack 11: A vertical slash
Attack 12: A horizontal slash to the left
Attack 13: A horizontal slash to the right
Attack 14: A spin slash to the left

S Tilt: A strong horizontal slash

U Tilt: A fast jumping spin slash
D Tilt: A sweeping slash

S Smash: Blizzaga/Thundara/Firaga Blade - Zack pulls his sword back and slashes forward. The element of the attack is dependent on the element that is being used for his N Special
U Smash: A two part smash. Zack jumps up and swings his sword over his head and then lands with his sword beneath him.
D Smash: A fast spinning slash

N Special: Blizzard/Thunder/Fire - Zack lowers his sword and holds his left hand close to his body. He then releases a small fireball/thunderbolt/iceball. If fully charged, he releases three fireballs/thunderbolts/iceballs.

S Special: Power Attack

U Special: Jump

D Special: Assault Twister. The element of the attack changes depending on the element for N Special. If used in the air, it will give Zack great horizontal momentum.

Special Features: DMW

The DMW will determine what Limit Break Zack will use for his final smash. The DMW has four states:

Normal - Doesn't glow any color
Sky High - Glows orange
Heavenly - Glows teal

You can go up tiers in the DMW by hitting your attacks. You can go down in tiers of you take too much damage.

Final Smash: Limit Break

Depending on the DMW, Zack will perform a different Limit Break.

Normal: Chain Slash - 5 fast slashes. Does the least damage and has the least knockback
High: Meteor Shots - 10 Meteors land diagonally in front of Zack. Does moderate damage and knockback
Heavenly: Apocalypse - One huge thunderstorm. Does the most damage and knockback.

PROJECT! Sephiroth: Final Fantasy 7/Crisis Core/Advent Children/Dissidia

Wait1: Holds his Katana upwards at an angle

Attack 11: A quick stab
Attack 12: A horizontal slash to the left
Attack 13: a spin jump into the air and then landing with his katana below him

F tilt: a wide horizontal swing
U tilt: a wide upward slash
D tilt: a quick stab

F air: Sephiroth swings his sword infront of him vertically (from top to bottom)
U air: Sephiroth stabs upwards multiple times
D air: Hell's Gate - Sephiroth swings his sword upwards (and gains a slight bit of upwards momentum) before plunging downwards.
B ait: Sephiroth spins and slices at his opponent

F smash: a quick spinning slash
U smash: a strong stab upwards
D smash: summons four glowing orbs around him that deal either fire, ice, electric, or normal damage. Slow start up and high knockback

N special: Draw Slash - Sephiroth pulls his sword back and swings forward horizontally releasing a wide slash with long range

U special: Heaven's Light - Sephiroth spins and the jumps upwards.

F special: disappears and reappears either at the same spot he was originally at or a short distance infront or behind his starting position.
D special: Fervent Blow/Godspeed - Throws out sword beam things. If they connect, Sephiroth follows the opponent.

Grab: Thrusts forward to stab the opponent
Grab Attack: Slides his katana deeper into the opponent and then quickly pulls back
Throw Forward: Slings the opponent off his katana, tossing them forward
Throw Up: Slides the opponent lower onto his katana before launching them upwards
Throw Back: Spins and tosses his opponent behind him
Throw Down: Uses his foot to slide his opponent off his katana
Grab Release: Let's the opponent jump off his Katana

Ground Final Smash Option 1: Octaslash

The first part, if it hits it'll knock the enemy into the air

Sephiroth then jumps after them

Then he slashes them three times

After which he then lands on the ground, jumps upwards, flips, and then slashes through his enemy

Air Final Smash Option 1: Heartless Angel - Sephiroth traps an opponent infront of him and then deals lethal damage.

Final Smash Option 2: Supernova - Sephiroth slashes at his opponent, knocking them backwards. He then pulls his sword back and slashes the opponent one more time sending them into a giant explosion.

Genesis - Crisis Core: Final Fantasy (Moveset is 30% planned) Model is being Rigged

Cain and Abel (Moveset is 100% planned)

PROJECT ON HOLD! Jaffar: Fire Emblem 7Heavy
Can crit (damage *3)

Wait1: knives out. Kinda like Snake
Wait2: looks around left and right, then back to Wait1
Wait transition: sheathes his knives and goes to Wait1*
Wait1*: Assassin idle stance in FE:7

Attack11: right knife across to left
Attack12: left knife across to right
Attack13: stab forward with both knives

Dash attack: Thief attack animation

F tilt: rising slash with right knife
U tilt: Snake's up tilt
D tilt: Sheik's down tilt

F air: slash forward with both knives
N air: kick
B air: turn around and slash downwards, can spike
U air: backflip kick
D air: slash with left knife, can spike

F smash: overhead slash with both knives
D smash: slash in both directions
U smash: Sheik up smash

N special: cloak. Dodge skillshots and attacks. No counter attack
F special: disappears and reappears a short distance forward. If an enemy is hit, Jaffar spins and hits the opponent with his knives
U special: rushes in a direction and slashes multiple times
D special: disappears and then reappears, can slash at the end of it. If no slash command is given, then it has high ending lag.

Final smash: Jaffar pulls out his knives and spins them. Disappears. And then 4 giant areas around him are hit (next to, above, and below him). If enemies are hit, they take damage. Can crit to 1 shot opponents.

S Taunt: Wolfs "what's the matter? Scared?" Taunt
U taunt: sheiks taunt melee taunt
D taunt: Sheik's wait 2

Victory1: Wolf's victory2
Victory2: Kneeling on one leg looking down, then looks to the side
Victory3: does Sheik's Up special animation and disappears

PROJECT ON HOLD! Raven: Fire Emblem 7!Background: Raven can be considered the original Ike in North America (he was the first person to perform 'Aether' on this side of the world). Along with sharing a few similar design choices, they also both share having a giant sword that they can swing with ease.

Moveset and Other info:

He will be strong and fast. The perfect mix of Marth and Ike (leaning more towards Ike). An end-game Raven has little to no weaknesses, the only weakness being durability (which can easily be fixed by simply killing the enemy before they react).

Major Changes from Ike:

Much faster than Ike
Slightly weaker than Ike
Slightly less durable than Ike

AAA Combo: A vertical swing into a horizontal swing into an overhead slash.

Side Tilt: Will be similar to a baseball bat swing.

Dash Attack: Jump slash

Front smash: Raven performs a frontflip and slashes with his sword. Slow start up and huge damage.

Down smash: Raven crouches down and performs a quick spin.

Up Air: Raven performs a front flip slash. Very fast and can potentially spike

Side Special: Raven lunges and thrusts his sword forward. If he connects, Raven will have the option to perform a backflip.
Down Special: Raven pulls his sword back and then dashes forward. Can hit multiple enemies in a row

Back Dodge: Backflip

Front Dodge: Spins behind the opponent in front of him

Spot Dodge: Raven bows his head and moves his sword lower down his back. Barely any major movement.

6  Help & Tutorials / Help / Problem with Riifs on: April 06, 2013, 05:24:56 PM
So I tried setting up RiiFs some time back, but it didn't work (can't remember what the problem was). Out of the blue, I got a sudden urge to try and set it up now. So, I followed the second set of instructions here:


But to no avail. Whenever Riivolution would load up the GUI would be there, but the only options I would have would be to Uninstall/Install (Riivolution), Load, or Exit. I didn't have any ability to change the modset I was using or anything.

I double checked my IP address to make sure it was correct (it was). I also checked to make sure that all the files were in the right place (they were). The only problem that I can see was that instead of using the xml that I've been usually using, I used the Project M xml. But if anything, that should work.

Any ideas on what could be wrong?
7  Help & Tutorials / Help / BBox keep crashing on: March 13, 2013, 03:22:17 PM
Hey guys, not sure if this really belongs here, but it's here.

Anyways, to the reason why this topic is even here...

I opened up a fitlink.pac and scrolled down to the effects section. I tried to preview one of the models, but it said that BBox had to close. I tried this with different pac files and different models. Same result.

Is something wrong with my BBox that I can fix? Or should I just redownload and save myself the trouble?
8  Help & Tutorials / Help / Riivo Launcher Problem on: August 26, 2012, 06:09:14 PM
Hey guys

I literally, just switched my Riivo launcher to Beyond's Launcher. After changing the necessary file names (and deleting privateold, because nothing of importance was located there), I booted it up on my wii and experienced a black Screen (when it "loads" but gets stuck on a black screen)

I changed the modlauncher back to the one I was using and tried again. No luck.

Any ideas what's going on?
9  Help & Tutorials / Help / Anyone have Skyward Link V2? on: August 17, 2012, 03:20:51 PM
As the title says. Does anyone have it? The one in the vault http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=7840
not only leads to a site which google claims to be malicious (which I don't find that too big of a deal), but all the links say that the download has been removed (or something to that effect).

Thanks in advance.
10  Help & Tutorials / Help / Random Freezing (Solved) on: August 15, 2012, 09:23:37 AM
Hey guys,

Recently (really, as soon as I downloaded the Kid Buu 1.6 PSA), I've been getting freezing on the CSS like no tomorrow (both beeping freezing and silent freezing). At first, I thought the problem resided in the Info_en, but no dice. Then I thought that Common5 might be causing it, so I reverted it to my original Common5 from before. Still didn't get anywhere.

The Beep Freezing occurs when I'm on the CSS for the first time and I pan near Lucario and all the other Pokémon. It also occurs in Training mode when I panned over Lucario. The silent freezing occurred after a few matches (when Buu didn't freeze on CSS) and when I panned over a random area of the CSS.

Any ideas?

*Just realized that this could go Interface Help or somewhere in that area. If so, moving it would be fantastic*

*EDIT: Figured out what was wrong. Toon Link and Link's common5 bust files are causing it. I changed it to an old common5 and it worked perfectly. Just gotta find those images again and put them back in. No biggie.
11  Help & Tutorials / Help / Problem downloading Das Donkey Vertex Box 2.0 on: July 16, 2012, 02:14:33 PM
Not 100% sure that this would go here... But, lets get started. Like the title says, I'm having trouble using and re-downloading Das Donkey Vertex Box.

Every time I try to run DasDonkey Vertex Box it says that it fails to start because MSVCR71.dll wasn't found.

Every time I try to dowload it, it either says that there is a write error or that its picked up as a threat to my computer.

Any ideas as to what the problem could be and any work-arounds/solutions?
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