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312 October 4th, 2021

PussPuss P+EX Build by PussPuss, KTH, StarWaffle, KingJigglypuff, SJS, King Draco, Alm, StupidMarioFan1, chimpchar775, CaliburTek, Moblin, iwantgames, Firelis, Nezha the Scout, jaystring, szion, windhunter7, Kapedani, Hyperlink, KorytheMaril, PyotrLuzhin, RedipsTheCooler, N!ck!, malistaticy, LnktheWolf, Sylv, Shy, MarioDox, BustedSoda, nnebf, tyleto, Puzzled, PyroPM, SirGimmick, Chucklez, iammostwanted, Neroven, Moe, King Bob Gaming, Shranux, Kuusotare, bringobrongo, TEITO, Xenthos, Survivian, Pokemaster Ely, NickirixXT/GoldenXP, VirtualBeef, Ubergruvin, Mosaico, CallMeKaaze, AnothenBlue, radzo73, GRAND AZEL, Peperoncino, Atma, FWCrash, Adamsims with credit to Project + Development Team, Legacy XP, Remix, Cobalt Legacy, KingJigglyPuff for P+EX, and PyotrLuzhin for PMEX for without him, none of this would be possible. Special thanks to SSK for CSS Icon help <3
[Pack - Character, Stage, Audio, SFX, Misc, Portrait]

https://imgur.com/a/BeTix8x This is my Project+ EX Dolphin Build which is built off of HotWingFTW's EX build (which is linked in the full credits list if you want a more \"base\" version of this build to work off of). This features several character inclusions from LXP (RIP), Remix, CL, and solo releases like Dante, Nu, and Black Shadow. This can be used on Wii as well but you will see some downgraded textures as it was done to get the game to load in the first place so please do so as your own risk. Thank you so much for checking it or even just looking through the pictures. I hope you guys like it and I hope I've credited everyone appropriately. Proper credits and links to all the custom content will be in the download. Bababooie.

110 June 2nd, 2021

X |PM Balance EDIT] by CaliburTek with credit to CaliKingz01 for making the actual PSA.
[Character - Moveset (PSA) - Custom Character]

|DL TO ORIGINAL - http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=220382 |

caliburTek here making a clout chasing mod. I have only shitty mods on the vault so here's me doing a thing. Also he doesn't shoot Hadoken's anymore on side taunt, OOPS.

584 June 7th, 2020

Yu Narukami (Persona 4) Project M Custom Character [NOT FINAL] // OUTDATED by CaliburTek, hyo, RedipsTheCooler, VirtualBeef with credit to AnothenBlue (Sounds, model.) KingJigglypuff (PSA mishaps, and the down special.) AlGeorgeRomo (Model rigging, and even Izanagi optimization.)
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Custom Character]

[2nd Video is a full moveset showcase!]
Want cosmetics? ~ http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=218498

Here he is again! Updated with all new polish! Finished? Well, almost, but this update is a huge step up from what I had last presentation wise! Gameplay wise, side special is a bit different. Izanagi now crosses up, and flourishes his weapon as his special attack! The rest? Essentially big hitboxes being shrunken for being too big, and his jab now works wonderfully. I hope you have fun with the master chad himself, Yu Narukami!

1626 January 2nd, 2020

Joker (Persona 5) Ultimate Backport Beta by Lawliet, CaliburTek, Roadhog360, Pokemaster Ely with credit to Char and Ely on Discord for Wii testing
[Character - Import, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Custom Character]

UPDATE - Forgot the PM module and proper SFX/Fighter configs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jnikucxsumgtj4z/fixed%20stuffs.rar?dl=0

Welp, looks like Yu Narukami finally has a worthy opponent! Joker from Persona 5 is raring to go! What a way to end the decade!

This is a beta at the moment, so expect some future updates/additions to smoothen everything out.

As for his main moveset, there were a few things I changed to differentiate him from Ultimate, mainly the way Arsene works. Now Joker has a new-ish system called SP, and it works just about the same as his original meter. More info in the .txt files.

This is mainly intended for BrawlEx usage, and comes with a PM and VBrawl version.

If anything is missing, or doesn't work as intended, feel free to ask.

122 December 29th, 2019

BLJ Mario by CaliburTek, iammostwanted with credit to (iammostwanted made the animation itself.)
[Character - Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Mario]

Mario's infamous long jump. This new side special itself may just seem like a regular long jump, but that's where the fun comes in. You need to hold back to make it a backwards long jump after all! Mario can jump or cancel into an aerial with this move at any time, and on contact with a wall can use the side special over and over to build up speed alongside it! Have fun with this meme.

329 January 2nd, 2020

Yu Narukami! The Beta [OUTDATED] by CaliburTek, hyo, RedipsTheCooler with credit to AnothenBlue (Sounds, model.) KingJigglypuff (PSA mishaps, and the down special.) AlGeorgeRomo (Model rigging, and even Izanagi optimization.)
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Custom Character]

[10/15/19] ~ TO ALL
I'm working on the Joker backport mod a little bit, and as it seems, Yu was not compatible with him, for one really weird glitch happened, so I had to change a variable. [120 => 127]
(Description is below.)
Yeah, this is it!

I've made a few changes since even the last version of Remix, and so to make it all easy I decided to just post them here.


Up smash has more startup and endlag, and the Zio's electrifying the ground no longer can hit airborne opponents. The issue with it hitting airborne opponents is that characters like Young Link literally could never get back to ledge, as you can see in his trailer.

Dash attack now has Izanagi slide with Yu rather than back to back with him.

Forward smash launches at an entirely different angle and has more knockback growth.

His run has a more optimized cleaner animation.

Stuff you might've missed in his latest update in Remix!
He has a new dance victory pose.

His RunBrake is much smoother.

And his neutral air has a new animation.

83184 October 15th, 2021

PMEX: Remix 0.91b (NTSC ONLY) [UPDATED 07-17-21] by Alm, hyo, Sirkura, CaliburTek, MoeNDerrty, Zant532, Wario358, PyotrLuzhin, RedipsTheCooler, SirGimmick, Neroven, King Bob Gaming, Kuusotare, Pokemaster Ely, NickirixXT/GoldenXP, Edisonic, DiscordOrbyy555, Walk with credit to GWTB \"Team\", PMBR, Remix (from the creators of ALM5252's Custom Build, initial conception by Neroven), and JOJI for 242. List in a text file (PM one of us if we missed you)
[Pack - Character, Stage, Audio, SFX, Item, Misc, Portrait]



The long awaited Brawlvault release of the Project M EX (ALM5252's CUSTOM BUILD) Spiritual Successor....PMEX REMIX!

This entry will be updated whenever we have substantial material. THIS IS A WIP BUILD. IT IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. PLEASE JOIN OUR DISCORD AND REPORT ANY BUGS TO US THERE.


This build compiles many of the fun characters and quality mods you've seen before and puts them together in one roster, carrying over all of the Legacy XP characters, and creations from highly dedicated and talented modders like the Fighting Alloy Team by KingJigglypuff, select characters of VelvetKitsune's various backports of fighters created post Brawl (like Corrin) retuned to better fit a Project M environment. (We are trying to maintain balance, but we may need some suggestions and help)

Whether built from the ground-up or not; we try to maintain quality and fun. We have a lot to show with a vast array of custom fun movesets and new characters from us!

Duke it out with Chrom who plays with speed and aggression like the menace he is in Ultimate, the original Mother boy Ninten and his slingshot! The mysterious Masked Man, and more Pikmin buds. Remix even has some surprising newcomers like Yu Narukami from Persona 4 and Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy 8.

In the ever-coming future; Remix is looking to continually improve on itself, adding more polish and content with each update, and we hope you're looking forward to it.


Also, just like anything else PMEX related, full credit to PyotrLuzhin for making all this possible + the PMBR for making PM possible!

128 June 20th, 2019

Hitmontop/Mii Brawler PSA Thing! by CaliburTek with credit to KingJigglypuff for coding the neutral special three years ago. Snoopy for the import provided.
[Character - Texture, Import, Moveset (PSA) - Mario]

I made this ages ago, but it's basically just a Mii Brawler PSA with
great mobility, insane combo potential and some Hitmontop inspired moves and animations to be fitting at the least, lol.

His animations are kinda huge and look weird on regular Mario.

80 April 9th, 2018

What If Captain Falcon Had No Other Options? by CaliburTek
[Character - Texture, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Captain Falcon]

I basically gave him Android 16's OHKO from DRAGON BALL FighterZ
for meme purposes, have fun! :D

Go jank your unsuspecting friends.

738 April 9th, 2018

Little Mac for. BrawlEX and Project M by CaliburTek with credit to Calikingz01, Redips for the BrawlEX Version, Boobsey, Nanobuds & KingJigglypuff.
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Jigglypuff]

Update: 4/3/2018 Mac has received a number of tweaks to improve his gameplay even more!

(KO Punch weakened, but it also zooms on hit.
Dash is slightly more normalized.
TurnRun is godtier, to compensate for him oddly never going into it.
Rapid jab connects a bit better.
Down throw slowed down.
Walk tweaked to be slightly better, still sucks though.
Shorthop fixed.)

This mod is meant for Project M, and may not work properly in vBrawl. There's also finally a BrawlEX version for this mod, so you can use OBJECTIVELY the best Little Mac mod for PM in any mod pack your heart desires o:
You'll probably have a ton of fun with this PSA! Also there's tons to read down below.

Attributes were adjusted to fit him having great grounded mobility, aerial mobility is more normalized. The PSA is going to come with stuff for him to have his wall jump and regular jumps. Some animation were edited, his entry has him coming from the Z axis rather than X. His jab 1 is literally frame 1 with his arm out like in Smash 4. Down tilt is quicker looker. Neutral, down and back air had some tweaks to look better. Rising Uppercut was tweaked to be more accurate to Smash 4 and look better the functionality is also more accurate now, same with Jolt Haymaker they come out faster and go helpless faster with less spins before actually going helpless.
His run animation is longer allowing him to actually turn around while running significantly easier. He now has GFX for his neutral air, and down air to make them look better, as well as for his down tilt. GFX for his jab 1 has been changed since the old one didn't work out. Slip Counter is an actual Counter now, thanks to KJP. Some broken IASA and hitboxes were adjusted to be more balanced, down throw still has an incredibly early one and jab is still frame 1 however. The absurd amount of unfair super armor, that most of the time wasn't even in Smash 4 has been toned down ,and is active less often throughout the entire moveset.
You'll notice his specials will feel a lot more normalized. Straight Lunge deals more damage the longer the charge, and goes more distance, has aerial transitions, and has better air to ground transitions. Rising Uppercut is much more accurate to Smash 4, connects better and has improved GFX.
You can also move around with it a bit like in Smash 4. Jolt Haymaker properly goes into his Jolt Haymaker landing animation when you land with it grounded. (An odd issue with slopes freezing him was fixed by having addition coding telling Little Mac to go to his Wait 1 Subaction in that case, which results in him doing an idle lol.) In the air the player gets rewarded by having nearly no landing lag at all. Aerials were overall nerfed from the previous variations of him and made more accurate to Smash 4, however there's a small sweetspot system where he deals a bit more damage like 4% becoming 6% and have more favorable angles, down air has the best of this, going up to 10%. Aerials landing lag have been significantly increased, and most likely are the worst in the game, however he has extremely favorable autocancel windows! He also has the fastest crouch in the game, making him able to dash/run and crouch seamlessly. He can move his shield around like the rest of the cast, and his rolls and spotdodge are normalized however made to be some of the best.

1677 February 25th, 2020

Shadow PSA 2.0 PSA for PM + Brawl EX by galactastar, Alm, Leon Exodio, CaliburTek, MrTacos4321__T, DaInferno with credit to _____Alex_____,PMDT, szion, SonicBrawler, OmegaS3, CaliKingz01, Mattimation, Kienamaru, SiLeNtDo0m, Mastaklo, Kaye Cruiser, Metanigh, H?x!, Mephisto, ishmael205 & Everyone who has ever contributed to Shadow.
[Character - Texture, Import, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Sonic]

FULL GALLERY: http://imgur.com/a/nWnog

This version now got a lot of GFX fixes.
It no longer slows down when it turns around.
New Side tilt.
New animations.
New jabs based on Sonic Battle.
Forward Throw and Up Throw have been improved so it can hit ROB properly.
New animations to make it more unique.
Fixed Spindash.

Changed the Down-Air to the previous versions with a few buffs as well making Side-Smash and Down-Smash a bit faster.

I made an update, now I fixed some issues I had with the previous one, some GFX fixes, different SFX and edited some of the attacks, I don't get the time to make a version that uses the same SFX as Sonic, but you can still install the one that uses its own SFX.

If you want the previous version, you can download it here:

There have been many attempts to make a Shadow PSA and many modders have done their own take on the characters, making unique animations, skins, moveset, SFX and GFX, porting moves from Battle, Chaos Spear, different kind of Final Smashes, etc.

So I decided to try my own version, this one with the intention for PM, which is why I used PM3.6!Sonic as a base while making it sort of a semi-clone to Sonic just like Luigi is to Mario and Falco is to Fox and making it different by adding canon moves from the games (mostly Battle and Sonic Adventure 2) to make a more simple PSA

The model used in the preview:

More of them:

Note, none of this moves (besides Down-Air that was edited by me) were made by me, I collected all different kind of moves from other Shadow PSAs and combine them into one.

868 August 26th, 2017

The Ninten Moveset - Project M PSA by CaliburTek with credit to Terror, (SFX Fix.), AlGeorgeRomo, BullockDS, (For a model import) KingJigglypuff (General help.) ShinF, Tocksknock, Volya, GameWatching, SylveonPlaysSSBX, Cahalan and the Smash 3 Team. Mainly all due to the amazing cosmetics, and model.
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Ness]

UPDATE 1: BrawlEX SFX fixed by Terror.

Behold the Ninten PSA! Made to be a realistic Smash character, he only shares the same animations Lucas and Ness share together. He has completely unique tilts, aerials, and throws. He also has some subtle things slipped in, for example Ness moves his arms to the right in his idle and stands more upright than Lucas. Meanwhile Lucas moves his arms to the left and stands a lot less upright. Ninten simply doesn't move his arms. Ness in Project M has a 3 hit jab, while Lucas in Project M has a 2 hit jab. Thus Ninten has a 1 hit jab. They all have similar forward smashes that are all slightly different in start up, power and endlag.

Ninten also has a set of unique Special Moves. His Up Special is 4th D. Slip which grants him a unique teleport that shows exactly where he's moving throughout it, and allows him to not commit to one solid direction.
His Down Special is Power Shield, being a shield it pushes enemies away with it's windboxes, allows you to tank a single hit or more if hit very quickly, and reflect projectiles rather than absorb them.
His Side Special is Boomerang, being a projectile he can get in his own game it's a very simple projectile that's effective at comboing.
His Neutral Special is Hypnosis, similar to PK Freeze and Flash in use but lasts much longer, comes out quicker and has the best control out of them. At the price of the move, dealing less damage, immediately halting if touching the opponent before being released, and only being able to make opponents fall asleep on the ground.

There's more fun and creativity to see! Just download to find out. c:

105 February 11th, 2017

Sacred Hero of Twilight (Sm4sh) by FGUG2030, Jocky, Mewtwo2000, Kagemaru, OmegaS3, Royal_Blade, CaliburTek with credit to Kienamaru and Kitsu
[Character - Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Link]

As stated this will be the last time I'll get to edit something I'm hoping to experiment on and try to mod this moveset. This is a small edit to the most recent:

Sacred Hero of Twilight (PM): http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=213915

This makes it so some of the animations have sm4sh style to them, for example: the dash attack will match Sm4sh's. For more info on most of the changes occurring in this mod check out

CaliburTek's Sm4sh Project M Link PSA:

36630 July 20th, 2021

Project M EX (ALM5252's Custom Build) V2 [PUBLIC BETA] by Alm, Sirkura, CaliburTek, MoeNDerrty, Zant532, PyotrLuzhin, Neroven with credit to GWTB "Team", PMBR, Dantarion, PhantomWings, PyotrLuzhin, Sirkura, Zigheart, Dustyy, TheGamerKidTy, MoeNDerrty, SylveonPlaysSSB, HypnotizeScourge, Moblin, szion, Placebo, mrtacos432, CaliburTek, Neroven, MarsTheBasedGod, Legacy XP Dev Team, David V. Kimball, Smash 3 Team, KTH, Calikingz01, Kitsu, Firelis, stupidmariofan1, Theytah, Sluigi123, Puzzled, PMDT and Brawl DX Team, Mariodk, Mewtwo2000, Albafika and LJSTAR BBreon, TheEpicMVSL2,l edgerewskie, Aghanim, Taiko, Codex, Mach5Mike, Smash 3 Team, Shikamaru12, Super tails srb2 fan, Cless, HypnotizeScourge, Snoopy and iwantgames, Uncle0wnage, KingJigglypuff, BraveDragonWolf, themaziest, Dastardly, Ridleylash,and MerryShadow, wattasyo, Mario49, Izumo, Cassius17,Keeby,Zwitter Frei, Kienamaru, OmegaS3, Akeno Archer Vergil, jrush64, SiscoLink, Pik, Tormod, Chaserthewolf, Kagemaru, SouthCraft, SonicBrawler, Mephisto, MandoWolfe, Boygos, Pavlova, Mattimation, Law_Law, AkaDarkZeroRmx, ds22, Infernape, Blueyoshi005, DSX8, LJIVRESTAR, RED NiNjA, WARNING, SylveonPlaysSSB, ShinF, Cahalan, LJSTAR, bringobrongo, Dot, Leon Exodio, GBC, jaystring, Darkon360 Lone Devil, Nibroc, secretchaos1, Albafika, DarkShadeDX, kwrk85, JoeTE, BronzeGreekGod, Boobsey, Nanobuds, marioking64DS, LinkIsAwesome117, Rage83(Xenov), AdfroMan, TheRealHeroOfWinds, Clubby, Project M Unbound Team, Brawl Minus Team, Oshtoby, SilentDo0m, StarWaffle, EternalYoshi, Notshane, QuickLava, SubZero2, Flowey Trump, Alejandro MiddleCorn, Xtreme Dragon, Armored dragon, zarx1554, AlGeorgeRomo, Byond, A Bloody Canadian, Tormod, Sandfall, E-scope12, libertyernie, Edwguard Flows, Estepoke, Moe, ZeusLink, Kagerou Imaizumi, Nao-Chan, CaliburZx, v Bigsmoke, Szion Blue, Andymander, Master Leonard, and many more people, there's a text in the folder for more Special shoutout to Kuuso and Kiwi
[Pack - Character, Stage, Audio, SFX, Item, Misc, Portrait]

Check out the new build, PMEX REMIX!

*No more leaked Fireball Bowser requested by Nano*

[A New Update is Available! Adds the Fracture Replay Pack for PMEX! Includes previous Patch and a version with my custom Stage Expansion is now available!]

GWTB "Team" - Project M EX [ALM5252's Custom Build]

=PLEASE READ= Before installation, please reformat your SD Card to FAT32 and install the mod onto the card. Simply drag and drop everything in the
"PMEX (ALM5252 Custom Build)" folder to the root of your SD Card! It's that simple.

This build is running off of PyotrLuzhin's PM + BrawlEx v0.5 Template. Without him this build would not have been possible AT ALL.



If this whole build fits on your 2GB SD Card, then it may work hacklessly. A 4GB+ SD Card (and Homebrew) is highly recommended!

Thank you all for downloading my Project M EX build, Some of the EX Characters have recieved a small balance change to improve
the overall experience. 81 default characters + 15 L-Loadable Characters! 96 total characters in this build!

*Note* Knuckles, Lyn, and Isaac are NOT from Project M CC or the Dev Build, nor are any of those versions included in this pack.

A few of the cloned characters have been "decloned" and are still in 'development'.

Smash 4 Team Battle Auras are available in this build! All of the default Project M cast has been reverted to 3.6's balance changes.

This build is 95% safe with the Dolphin Emulator, that was the main way I've tested this build. It has a few random freezes,
but could be due to the newly added Stage Expansion.
I cannot guarantee Wii won't have issues or freezes, and in the event it freezes on the Wii, try to see if you can replicate
the issue at least twice before letting me know. Also, I can also only guarentee that VS Mode would be the only and safest option.
I do not know if single-player, classic, or any other mode is compatible with Project M EX.

Also, again, this is my personal build that I am sharing, so if you see some stuff that you don't like (cosmetic changes,
possible costumes, etc) don't message me complaining or asking me to replace it. You can simply replace the cosmetic with
whatever you want. I made a lot of sacrfices to some of the Alternate Costumes Project M had introduced starting with PM 3.0.
If your favorite ALT has been removed, sorry, but this is my custom build.

This is gonna be the last version I upload, so enjoy it. Anything new I add will probably stay in my custom build, personally. Thanks.

- Few random freezes may happen when they otherwise would not, please be aware
- Ryu and Wolf together at the same time cause graphical conflicts with their moves, try to avoid having these two fight
- A clone fighting the same base character will cause smaller graphical inconsistencies with moves like sword slashes and glows
- A clone or base character may be mute after the initial match with the clone, to resolve, unpick and select another character
- Most clones are mute, this is not a glitch; it is intentional, but something worth mentioning
- All non-native Project M characters will T-Pose for 1-Frame during initial Shield Animation
- Dixie Kong has an issue with her pupils
- Fed. Soldier will have a tranqulizer dart if playing with Snake in the same match
- If Link or Toon / Young Link is chosen, and then Bomberman, Bomberman will not have visible bombs
- Isaac may T-Pose or freeze in place if using down-special, unsure why, seems to be random
- Classic and All-Star Mode will freeze if "Pokemon Trainer" shows up (mostly the individual Pokemon)
- Daisy will Freeze the game upon getting the Smash Ball. Avoid it at all costs.
- Lara Croft will swim infinitely upward if you use down special before landing in water, hold left or right to kill yourself to respawn
- Deoxys may freeze the game if doing Final Smash / getting the Smash Ball
- [Wii Only] Deoxys has a graphical glitch when performing B + A neutral special
- All-Star Special Mode can freeze randomly on Wii, use at your own risk. (Works fine on Dolphin)
- Super Sonic's Final Smash may Crash the Game
- Tails may have some moveset errors
- Clear Mode may freeze for some characters
- When holding L and moving around the CSS, some CSPs might not show
- When winning a match with an L-Load the CSPs might not show on the Results Screen
- Chrom will have terrible SFX when playing against Marth, Roy, or Lucina (& Mia)
- Most clones might freeze with Smash Balls, try to avoid playing a clone with Smash Balls active
- Kirby cannot use ROB or Dedede's ability due to EX - related thing
- All EX clones (+ Roy and Mewtwo) do not have Kirby hats or abilities
- Some Stages [Expansion Version Only] may lag terribly on Wii
- Team Auras will not work with Team Attack off
- Sephiroth is not OP, but his range is very good. He is still in "development" for PMEX.
- Shadow's Final Smash may freeze on Wii
- Louie and Alph may have issues with the Pikmin, Alph can possibly freeze the game, although unconfirmed.
- Shulk is in BETA and may have lots of issues, although many are not gamebreaking

Mario --- Metal Mario
Bowser --- Giga Bowser
Bowser Jr. --- Shadow Mario
Wario --- Wario-Man
Ness --- RoboNess
Ice Climbers --- SoPo / SoNa
Pikachu --- Raichu
Jigglypuff --- Big Jigglypuff
Mewtwo --- Mega Mewtwo Y
Lucario --- Mega Lucario
Young Link --- Fierce Deity
Link --- Dark Link
Ganondorf --- PM 3.6 Ganondorf
Ridley --- True Sized Ridley (Other M)
Metaknight --- Maskless "Brawl" Metaknight
Sonic --- Super Sonic

Hold L on the CSS to switch CSPs for the L-Loadable characters.

ALSO: Bomberman and Shulk are placeholder's until PyotrLuzhin releases his Bomberman PSA, and KTH & Calikingz01 release the Shulk PSA. So expect an update(s) when those happen!


Also, just like anything else PMEX related, full credit to PyotrLuzhin for making all this possible + the PMBR for making PM possible!

3394 December 15th, 2016

WiiU/3DS Cloud Moveset[PM and VBrawl] with BrawlEx by Lawliet, spiritpyros, Lillith, CaliburTek with credit to 5una, spiritneox, Ultraxwing, Patent-Pending, The_Meta_iSP, Not Kratos, jaystring, Kitsu-chan, Lukus and pretty much everyone in the thread who supported/suggested changes to this project!
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Ike]

Well, I didn't think I'd make it this far, actually. 6 months of work takes you far, after all. The first ever Cloud PSA on the vault with working Limit Charge Specials! And a Final Smash! And BrawlEx version!

Brawl Version
PM Version(by CaliburTek)
BrawlEx Version(by Kitsu-chan)
PM BrawlEx Version(by CaliburTex with sound files from BrawlEx ver. implemented by me)
Placeholder costumes for jaystring's Cloud Import which will come in the next update!
Victory Themes by Xirvet!
English and Japanese sfx!(English also by Xirvet)

There's a BrawlEx Footage and Test Build Fottage by DarkDeity showcasing the test build I released in September before significant changes, though not on the vault.

Future Updates:

-Actual 3DS and Wii U costumes!
-Camera Rotation on Final Smash
-More ported animations, along with Win1/Win2
-Better Blade Beam
-Brawl Minus Version
-CSPs and Renders
-BrawlEx English sfx(by Xirvet)
-Adding back the Limit Bar
-Tweaking Limit Charge


844 December 1st, 2016

Smash 4 Link Animations/PSA! (Project M) by CaliburTek
[Character - Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Link]

UPDATE 11/30/16:
Link's Run animation, Spin Attack and Back air have gained their Smash 4 animations! Link's Backroll, and Wait2 have animation fixes. Sadly dropped Brawl version, couldn't keep track of it very well..
3rd image is a GIF of Dash Attack.
Hey, it's CaliburTek with another PSA you'll surely love!
This mod comes with Link's stance, backroll, idles, dash attack and uair animations all ported from Smash 4.
I've edited his moveset for his uair, backroll, and dash attack act exactly like Smash 4 as well!

823 November 27th, 2016

Little Mac for. Project M by CaliburTek, Alm with credit to KingJigglypuff, and the original creator Calikingz01
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Jigglypuff]

Edit: 3rd image is video showing off his KO Punch, and some combos/strings.
Hey, it's CaliburTek back again with another character overhaul!
This time it's Little Mac for PM. It's also the one going to be in ALM5252's next PMEX Build. His fall speeds have been adjusted to better suit PM, Although they are just his Smash 4 fall speeds of 1.8, and 2.88 they suit Melee and fit in. Little Mac's overall moveset has been edited to better resemble Smash 4, giving him
significantly higher combo options, amazing crouch canceling options, and great kill options. His jab now has an option select
after the second hit rather than the rapid jab oddly happening after hit 3, this allows you to start a combo with his gentlemen or rack up damage with rapid jab. His side b's momentum has been fixed, which overall nerfs his recovery. His UP B does travel slightly farther but it cannot snap ledge facing the direction away from it. However you can b reverse it now! He has dash dancing, edge canceling and all the other goods. His dthrow is his Smash 4 dthrow, but with a much higher frame advantage giving you amazing combo options out of it.
And lastly if you stay in crouch for 430 frames you'll get the KO Punch! (or get rewarded for being beaten up lol)

Check out Kurogane hammer to see the angle, frame data base knockback and knockback growth of his tilts, jabs, dash attack
and smashes aside
from very, very minor differences they should be the same.

409 November 13th, 2016

PMEX Gray Fox by CaliburTek with credit to the original creator of the Gray Fox PSA.
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Custom Character]

This moveset is meant for BrawlEX/Project M, and was only found in ALM5252's discord beforehand. This is an overhaul/revamp of the current Gray Fox PSA that improves the characters overall quality, and is made for Project M. He has all the tools, dash dancing, ledge canceling, wavedashing etc. He's a unique fighter with very high jumps, he's also a fastfaller. He has tons of good combo's, he should be fun to play as enjoy!

1132 November 25th, 2016

[KAI] [Complete] Ronald McDonald 2016 Finaler Ver. 24th Anniversary Collector's Ultimate Super Speci by CaliburTek, Kyouma with credit to graysmd for the base PSA.
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA), Other (Effects, Animations, Final Smash, etc.) - Custom Character]

First image is a gallery. It shows off a ton of images, with descriptions showcasing some of his updated moveset.
He still has his old model, with CSP's and recolors.
But a new fully revamped moveset Gamidame_K let me make for him.
This is a major revamp, with tons of edits spanning over 4 months.
He's more based off MUGEN as well!
Have fun, and yes Gamidame_K gave me permission to release this.

768 August 8th, 2016

Project M Deadpool by CaliburTek with credit to BraveDragonWolf, iwantgames, Mephisto, Reaver Ind., KTH, Beyond, Albafika, SiLeNtDo0m, JCentavo, Ganon-Punch, and a million other people, LITERALLY.
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import, Moveset (PSA) - Solid Snake]

(Second image is vid)
This PSA is to make Deadpool a faster, more combo/melee/PM based
fighter. His overall speed has been increased, his combo potential has been drastically increased etc. I'll provide a moveset changelog in here for your favorite "super hero??"
Weight: 99 => 105
To make him more prone to combo's, but live overall longer.
Run Speed: 1.525 => 1.896
To make him match the faster gameplay.
Jumpsquat: 5 => 4
Most of these changes are to adapt to faster gameplay.
Fall Speed: 1.8
Fastfall Speed: 2.9
To enforce that he's a fastfaller/combo food.
Air Mobility: 0.90 => 1.24
To showcase his new combo potential.

Aerial Attacks:
Nair - Redesigned as a combo attack, much bigger hitbox, and no sweetspot.
(Frame 5) (Landing Lag 16/8) (Early: 8%) (Late: 4%)
Fair - Startup buffed, from frame 20 to frame 7. Move is completely changed to what resembles his ftilt. Now chains into itself.
(Frame 7) (Landing Lag 22/11) (8%)
Bair - Startup buffed, to frame 5 from 11. Move reworked to kill earlier.
(Frame 5) (Landing Lag 19/10) (15%)
Uair - Move reworked to be double hit, and kill earlier.
(Frame 8) (Landing Lag 15/8) (Hit 1: 3%) (Hit 2: 7%)
Dair - Move reworked to have meteor smashing hitboxes throughout the majority of it.
(Frame 8) (Landing Lag 22/11) (2% x 6) (5%)

Smash Attacks:
Fsmash - Simply changed to deal more damage and kill move reliably, it also has much more endlag.
(Frame 3) (Hit 1: 6%) (Hit 2: 13%)
Usmash - Changed to deal Ryu's Smash 4 True Shoryuken damage early, and late. No invincibilty carried over. He also jumps a bit higher.
(Frame 6) (Early: 18%) (Late: 8.4%)
Dsmash - Changed to a multihit attack, it spikes offstage opponents as its main use.
(Frame 6) (Hits 1-4: 2/3/3%) (Hit 5: 12%)

Dtilt - Changed to Ike's dtilt in SSB4. Very versitile for combo's.
(Frame 7) (8%)
Utilt - Changed to Cloud's utilt in SSB4, a good combo tool.
(Frame 8) (8%)
Ftilt - Knocks at a combo angle, ftilt, fair is a good combo at middle percents.
(Frame 7) (15%)

UP B - Fixed to grab ledge, still recovers insanely high. It also has a new hitbox upon him spawning in the aerial version. Can be b reversed midair to grab ledge, as before it just killed you.
SIDE B - Can no longer be used to stall, as he goes helpless after it ends.

Dthrow, made into a combo move.
Bthrow throws at a 250 angle, meaning it can spike opponents near ledge.
Fthrow can kill, though generally at higher percents for a kill throw like 140%.
If you worked on the previous 50 Deadpool PSA's are weren't credited just PM/DM me and I'll add you. :)

929 July 9th, 2016

Cal's Young Link PSA Final Version by CaliburTek with credit to with credit to Kienamaru, KingJigglypuff, Snoopy, OmegaS3, Akeno Archer Vergil, jrush64, iwantgames, SiscoLink, credit to ALM5252 for CSPS. The original creators also credited Pik, Project M team, Tormod, Chaserthewolf, Kagemaru.
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Moveset (PSA) - Toon Link]

Video: https://youtu.be/y_2HfPhJzWw
1st photo is melee nair, 2nd is melee dair, 3rd is melee fair.
The base of this mod was the Project Sacred: Young Link PSA.
I decided to put my own take on it. Adding old Melee moves, balancing them with buffs, and nerfs. Changing attributes, and making it more combo based/Project M esq.

Dtilt changed to Roy's melee dtilt for combos.
Utilt knockback growth nerfed for combos.
Dair given flame spike from melee, sound changed as of (Final Version).
Bthrow changed to a very powerful kill throw. 120% midstage 80% side of stage.
Run Speed increased 1.52 => 1.6
Weight nerfed to Melee Weight 95 => 85.
Dthrow is now a tech chase throw, with followups.
Double jump nerfed to PM Link's double jump height.
Bow changed to OOT bow.
Boomerang changed to OOT boomerang.
Hookshot changed to Majora's Mask hookshot.
Uair knockback growth increased to be slightly better at killing.
Nair completely changed from a reanimation of Toon Link's
to Young Link's melee nair.
Dair makes a much more dramatic firey noise when it hits.
Bomb changed to melee bomb.
Fair completely changed from a reanimation of Toon Link's to Young Link's melee fair.
Victory poses completely different from Project Sacreds.
UP B horizontal recovery signifigantly buffed. (Give it some momentum, and you'll go flying.)
UP B vertical recovery signifigantly nerfed.
Dsmash reverted to melee dsmash.
Dair slow trail removed.
Nair landing lag nerfed to 15.

(Project Sacred gave him a frame 5 new ftilt, double hitting utilt, weak combo usmash, unique grounded up b, new dash attack, and new fsmash.) Credit to those moves go to the creators.

More info in README.txt

679 July 6th, 2016

True Ninten V.2 by CaliburTek
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Ness]

Includes everything stated in the picture, and FS eyes.

268 July 6th, 2016

True Ninten by CaliburTek with credit to Volya, Tocksnocks and GameWatching.
[Character - Texture, Vertex - Ness]

EDIT: Thanks for reporting the broken download Ondo, it's back up now.

This is a mod fusion of multiple Ninten's I've found on here.
Volya's face texture plus Tocksnocks model.

Ninten joins the brawl! The hero of Earthbound Beginnings
who defeated Giygas by singing...


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