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172 September 12th, 2020

Smash 3C Revised Mario by Layell, Puzzled, Puzzled (Glitched Account) with credit to Taiko, Shun_One, ledgerewskie, Mewtwo2000, tryptech, Yohan1044, AlGeorgeRomo, the PMDT, and the CSProject
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Mario]

It's a him, Mario!

This revised entry polishes up the Mario costumes you know and love. Along with extra render polish and file size adjustments. Mario has always been one for power-ups, so his revised entry has even more outfits to choose from.

Costumes included:

-20 Default Mario outfits
-10 Doctor Mario outfits
-6 Builder Mario outfits

This entry is only meant for Project M and P+ builds, it will not work for Brawl.

Check out more about Smash 3C revised on our website: https://smash3c.wixsite.com/smash3c/revised

167 March 9th, 2020

Smash 3C Geno by Aghanim, Puzzled, Puzzled (Glitched Account), MaybeGreg with credit to LavaLatte [.Fade], DoctorFlux(Mariodk), SouthCraft, TheGag96 with credit to Strange Matter, Szion Blue, Terror, davidvkimball, StarWaffle, Cobalt Legacy Team and Legacy XP Team
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Custom Character]

Years have passed but it's time for ♥♪!?, or rather, Geno to shine again from the stars! This time it seems he's back to fight in Smash 3C style. Altogether, Geno has 12 costumes. Comes in solid and striped variants.

Check out the Smash 3C website: https://smash3cproject.wixsite.com/smash3c

Check out our smashboard thread here: https://smashboards.com/threads/the-smash-3c-project-pm-alts-recolors-and-more.383581/

45 March 14th, 2020

Lorule Zone by KorytheMaril, Dranakar, Puzzled, Puzzled (Glitched Account) with credit to Mansta8 for the original textures which were edited for this stage
[Stage - Texture - Green Hill Zone]

UPDATED: Restored due to rule breaking deletion.

Here it is! A mod that's taken a year to upload! Puzzled helped me so long ago, giving this stage the lighting from the Bridge of Eldin. This mod was made over a few days last year, with edited textures from the current Lorule Castle on the Vault. I particularly love the Easter eggs which I edited. A lot of stage details I've added here are not present in Mansta8's Lorule recolor.

This mod is intended to be dragged and dropped into Legacy TE. Hopefully, this adds some spice to your tournaments! God bless you all!

202 September 11th, 2018

Morpho Knight Butterfly Sword by KorytheMaril, ghost_user47, windhunter7, Puzzled, Puzzled (Glitched Account), Moe, jetfantastic, DemKnux with credit to TNC | Wumb0 for the screenshots, the Legacy Team for their base Morpho Knight recolors
[Character - Texture, Vertex, Import - Meta Knight]

Morpho Knight, a being of pure destruction, ditches his long trusted Nectar Sword from Project M 3.6 and dawns his finest weapon: the Butterfly Sword from Star Allies! Now you can beat people with Meta Knight like never before! ...or, no longer Meta Knight, since his prototype design took on it's own life.

This has been a humongous project with a lot of people getting involved. WindHunter started it off with the model import, Nanobuds made the Brawl-esque texture, Puzzled optimized the model and improved the texture further, ChucklesDemKnuckles and I made a few recolors, Moe made the PM 3.6 render, and, finally, Wumb0 took the screenshots: the very reason this mod is here now. The fact that I'm taking credit for this mod at all is a disservice: I hardly did anything compared to these talented individuals. God bless every single one of them for their efforts.

3rd pic is the history of this mod's development, in relative order.

70 March 14th, 2020

[PM 3.6] Spear Cavern V2 by E-scope12, KingJigglypuff, Moblin, Puzzled, Puzzled (Glitched Account) with credit to Puzzled,KingJigglypuff, Moblin, davidvkimball, MoltenCrystal for the screenshots, & Syvkal for the Cresselia and Arceus Emblems.
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Spear Pillar]

Restored due to rule breaking deletion


This is version 2 of Spear Cavern for Legacy TE. It comes with Dialga, Palkia, Giratina (both forms), Cresselia, & Cresselia with Darkrai versions. Including shiny versions.

Update 6/9/2018: Added Arceus version.

Update 9/8/2018: Each Pokémon has their own Emblems.

1108 September 20th, 2017

Smash 3C Builder Mario by Layell, Puzzled, Puzzled (Glitched Account), tryptech with credit to Yohan1044, AlGeorgeRomo, and the Smash 3 Team
[Character - Texture, Import - Mario]

Mario has been a plumber, doctor, platformer, golfer, karter, and now a builder! Use him to build up your four stock games.

Original Entry: http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=214383

Check out the Smash 3C Thread for more: https://smashboards.com/threads/the-smash-3c-project-pm-alts-recolors-and-more.383581/

5858 March 14th, 2020

Legacy TE: X [Unofficial Legacy TE + PMEX Build] by ALM5252, Denz, Moblin, Nezha the Scout, soopercool101, PyotrLuzhin, ZaTaisho, Dranakar, Puzzled, Puzzled (Glitched Account), Ca$ino Wolf, Yohan1044, chasemcdizzle, Drazerg with credit to the former PMDT and everyone else mentioned in the credits.txt. A huge thank you to the Legacy Discord community for helping the TE Dev Team test stages they've released. Credit to Yami and Psycho for many of the HD textures.
[Pack - Character, Stage, Audio, SFX, Item, Misc, Portrait]

Staff Edit: Credit removal upon request.

Edit: reuploaded due to rule breaking deletion

TE: X is a PM+BEX Version of Legacy TE. It has the LXP Characters included. This is not a Tourney Legal Build, but it is still aimed at the Tournament Experience. Get to learn the new LXP characters in Tourney Legal Stages! Also, since this is running off of PM+BEX 0.51, you can add more characters should you choose to!

Let the Legacy continue!

Any future updates I do will be exclusive to my Discord Server! Join here!

Original Description:
Legacy TE is a tournament-optimized version of Project M 3.6. Rather than replacing vanilla Project M content, it preserves its tournament-friendly assets and extends the experience just a bit further. This is modpack is based on PM 3.6, and not intended to continue Project M's development.


Video for TOs:

- Exclusive tourney features
- 100+ new stages
- 100+ new costumes
- 50+ new songs
- Netplay version with Dolphin HD pack
- Resources folder for customization

We hope you love it as much as we do.

Please read on SmashBoards: http://www.smashbros.co/post

Download link broken? PM me for a mirror download.

If you use any of this build for your own build to publish, we ask that out of respect for the contributors, you review the credits.txt in the download and properly attribute whomever we include in the credits for what it is you wanted to import for your own build.


Link for Legacy 1.3: http://smashbros.co/oldbuild

Link for Project M EX: ALM5252's Custom Build

1063 September 10th, 2017

Smash 3C Mario Kart R.O.B. by ledgerewskie, Layell, Aghanim, Cynapse, Puzzled, Puzzled (Glitched Account), Greyson with credit to Smash 3 Team, PMDT, Draco_The
[Character - Texture, Import, Texture, Import - R.O.B.]

Update 09/09/2017: Updated renders, and recolours for extra racing fun!

It's Project M's Mario Kart alt for R.O.B. in Smash 3 style! Includes five extra recolours, including a Famicom recolour!


1814 May 3rd, 2017

Smash 3C GI Lucario by ledgerewskie, Crixler, Layell, Aghanim, Puzzled, Puzzled (Glitched Account), tryptech with credit to PMDT, Smash 3 Team, Draco_The, KingJigglypuff,
[Character - Texture, Import - Lucario]

Updated 03/29/2017: Plenty of new colours and another render! In addition there have been multiple small graphic fixes.
Updated 01/04/2016: Fixed GI Lucario Metals

It's Project M's Ryu-inspired alt for Lucario! He has some fancy new specs, and eleven recolors! Exclamation marks!



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