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25 December 2nd, 2021

Training Room (Smashville Platform Heights + Platform Pillar) by mawwwk with credit to PMDT, soopercool101, DukeItOut, KingJigglypuff
[Stage - Texture, Vertex - Wi-fi Room]

- Training Room from P+ 2.29 re-arranged for practicing Smashville platform setups, like laser land and wavedropping.
- Pillar moved to center platform for easy drop-cancel aerial practice.
- Includes drag & drop files for vanilla Project+ builds to load as a Y-alt stage!

60 April 29th, 2021

Shibuya-cho (Hammer Express Alt) by nnebf with credit to Nezha the Scout
[Stage - Texture, Import - Wi-fi Room]

Hammer Express reskin based on Jet Set Radio.
Install Hammer Express and overwrite STGLethalLeague.PAC

Green Hill Zone alt for P+2.26 included.

100 April 4th, 2021

Hammer Express (BETA Lethal League Mode) by --, KingJigglypuff, Ryztiq, Kirbeast, fudgepop01, eon_tas, Survivian, Electropolitan with credit to Team Reptile
[Stage - Import - Wi-fi Room]

Ball now spawn on the center instead of the right. Side effect: Player on slot 4 will spawn on the ball spawn location. To avoid this, dont use a player on slot 4.

Drag and drop the following files on your project + build for easy replacement for STGTraining.
File placement goes on:
Sawnd: Project+\\pf\\sfx
Param: Project+\\pf\\stage\\stageinfo
Pac: Project+\\pf\\stage\\melee
Rel: Project+\\pf\\module
tlst: Project+\\pf\\sound\\tracklist
Lethal League Folder: Project+\\pf\\sound\\strm (move the whole folder here, not the individual files)
Menu Assets .pac: Project+\\pf\\menu2 (move the .pac files, images not needed to be moved unless youre editing another .pac)

Eon: Main Codes
fudgepop01: Alt Codes (AI will target and attack all items)
Survivian: Source Previews
Rytzq: Model help
Electropolitan: Music
KingJigglypuff: SFX Setup
Kirbeast: Footage
Team Reptile: Team Reptile

69 February 17th, 2022

Training Room (Dark Mode) by mawwwk with credit to soopercool101 for the pillar addition, and PMDT for the original stage
[Stage - Texture - Wi-fi Room]

Made for practicing ledgedashes on a late night.

Feb 2022 update:
Stage resized to match Battlefield's size and angles (this was originally intended, but I messed up somewhere along the line). Darkened platform texture slightly.

19 May 8th, 2021

Home-Run Contest over any stage! by Captain Luigi
[Stage - Texture, Import - Wi-fi Room]

Home-Run Stage over any stage for both NTSC and PAL regions. If you use this then please credit me! Thank you! :D I chose Wifi-Room as there is no option for Home-Run Contest on Brawl Vault.. Sadly no items spawn on this stage. I forgot to say that I've added blastzones so if you don't want blastzones then message me on Brawl Vault to make it.

50 August 11th, 2020

[PM 3.6] Homerun PS2 by MarioDox with credit to TEDT, PMDT
[Stage - Vertex - Wi-fi Room]


Beat your foes with the HRC bat and win!

Simple reskin, bg and lightning is amazing.

Uses a FD module.


44 July 30th, 2020

[P+ 2.15/PM 3.6] Training Secret [Brawl/PM BG] by MarioDox with credit to soopercool101, P+DT, PMDT
[Stage - Texture, Vertex - Wi-fi Room]

Training Mode!

Learn your matchup on Delfino Secret, coming for both PM 3.6 and P+ 2.15, both versions come with an alternate background, from Project M's training room.

Uses a FD module like DS does.


100 February 21st, 2019

[PM 3.6] Final Training by MarioDox with credit to PMDT
[Stage - Vertex, Import - Wi-fi Room]

Time to train a bit!

Create a new amazing combo in this FD reskin, entirely wi-fi safe and legal for tournaments.

It uses the background of the PM version of the stage instead of the brawl one (was too bright and would make seeing the platform harder).

It uses a FD module.


60 September 15th, 2021

[PM 3.6] Wii Fit Secret + Green Recolor by MarioDox with credit to DSX8, CaliburZx, PMDT
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Wi-fi Room]

Wii Fit Studio gets on tournaments!

Play in your favorite gym in competitive play with this Delfino Secret reskin, coming also in Green! Yes, Green!

Uses a final destination module (like Delfino Secret does).


107 September 15th, 2021

Wii Fit Upgrades (+Omega,Balanced,Green Recolors) by MarioDox with credit to DSX8, CaliburZx
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Wi-fi Room]

Wii Fit Studio gets better!

It has Project M Stamina fixes, aswell for a ceiling model for olimar's final smash instead of showing the void. Also it has shadows and a new green recolor based on Wii Fit U.

Included also are the Omega and a new balanced alt both coming with green recolors and improvements.

Normal Wii Fit and the green recolor use a skyworld rel, the omegas and balanced alts use final destination instead.


75 August 5th, 2018

Training Room Ω by Roadhog360
[Stage - Vertex - Wi-fi Room]

Online Training Room Omega by Roadhog360

Same width, Blast Zones, Spawn Points, Item Spawn Zones as FD.
Collisions match the bottom of the stage but everything else is the same as FD
Can go over over Training Room or FD without a rel.
Use an FD rel if you want to remove the Sandbag if you put it over the Training Room slot.
Featured in Super Smash Bros. Brawl Refined.
If you want to use this in your modpack, you already have my permission, no need to ask, just credit me.

365 April 1st, 2016

Online Training Stage (SmashU & 3ds) by DSX8
[Stage - Import - Wi-fi Room]

Comes with SmashU and Smash3ds versions of the Online Training Stage. Comes with brstm!


97 April 30th, 2015

Duck Hunt by JP12, ???? with credit to Nintendo for the original sprites
[Stage - Texture, 2D - Wi-fi Room]

A reskin of ????'s Midnight City 2D that makes it look like the pastureland from Duck Hunt, it is a walkoff stage

It also comes with a custom name for the stage selection screen


456 July 13th, 2018

GreenScreen Studio by Ryztiq
[Stage - Texture, Import - Wi-fi Room]

Update 2: this stage is for dolphin only.

UPDATE: The stage was moved to the training stage and hopefully works on wii now.

Need some green? Wanna make a video? Here's a stage that contains 100% green till you start playing on it!

No menu images included, why would you even want that?

338 February 7th, 2015

Subspace Stairway (FLAT) by Unit
[Stage - Texture, Import - Wi-fi Room]

Just something I made a while back. Nothing special. I found this on my SD card and decided to release it. It's just a flat based version of the area King Dedede and Bowser engage into battle without featuring the platform; like how it appears in Subspace Emissary's cut scene. No BRSTM file included.

Works over any STGCUSTOM(XX).

302 February 7th, 2015

Training Room - Capcom Vs. SNK 2 by Unit
[Stage - Texture, Import, 2D - Wi-fi Room]

The training room from Capcom Vs. SNK 2. The stage's size was increased a little bit in order to make it Brawl compatible. The level is flat based so there are no holes in this level. Only way to eliminate your opponents are the death boundaries found on both sides of the stage.

The level comes in two different sizes, small and large, for those prefer one over the other. The larger one is given more details while the small one has a wall on both sides as shown in Image 2 and 3, and a BRSTM file is included.

Works over any STGCUSTOMXX level.

297 February 8th, 2015

Tomodachi Life Ω - Super Smash Bros. 3DS by Unit
[Stage - Texture, Import, 2D - Wi-fi Room]

EDIT: The link is fixed and should be working now.

A Ω version of Tomodachi Life from Super Smash Bros. 3DS for the Nintendo 3DS. Not exactly an import; just pieces I put together using the Stage Builder block method, while the entire island itself is constructed with 2D models. The pack also comes with a BRSTM file which could be used for the stage.

Works over any STGCUSTOM(XX) level.

1119 July 14th, 2014

Project M Training Room (PM 3.02) by NFreak, Robz with credit to blazingflare
[Stage - Texture - Wi-fi Room]

A texture edit of Robz's KC-MM Training Room (http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=10195)

PM 3.02 camera and all that. Enjoy!

176 August 30th, 2014

[Project M Unofficial] Dark Training Room by ZG
[Stage - Texture - Wi-fi Room]

For Project M only!

Turns the training room into a more sinister-looking room.

86 March 23rd, 2014

My Wifi room by ushi
[Stage - Texture - Wi-fi Room]

model file is adventure 290001a.pac

module file include.

421 November 23rd, 2013

Heaven's Athletic Room by Shichikaze with credit to -SQueen-,Yami 2b,Kiriso,GenRJ,-Smash King-93,TheLethalX,Axloid,ChibiIceClimberz,baruboro13,rihuganon
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Wi-fi Room]

it is beautiful!!!!!!!!

296 October 21st, 2013

Clock Tower Athletic Room by Shichikaze with credit to rihuganon, innocentroad, Axloid, GenRJ, Floww168, Robzdablades
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Wi-fi Room]


143 September 16th, 2013

Donkey Appeal Wifi Room by ushi
[Stage - Vertex, Import - Wi-fi Room]


183 September 16th, 2013

Water Athletic Stadium by Shichikaze with credit to rihuganon,innocentroad,-SQueen-
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Wi-fi Room]

it is beautiful


158 January 9th, 2014

Stream Online Training by -SQueen-, -Smash King-93 with credit to rihuganon and Axloid
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Wi-fi Room]

BG animated


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