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13 February 22nd, 2020

Updated Sunshine Mario by Shy, DrDean, MarioDox
[Character - Texture, Import - Mario]

what it says, a better looking version of it (mostly thanks to MarioDox)
comes with:
-11 recolors
-CSproject Blender setup

62 February 16th, 2020

Piranha Plant Heights (Piranha Plant Hazard!) by MarioDox with credit to Hallow, Peardian, PMDT
[Stage - Vertex, Import - Mushroomy Kingdom]

Piranha Plant Pipes Up!

A new hazard comes in, it's the Piranha Plant! This little buddy sleeps at first glance, but when hurt, will wake up and start biting the nearest player to it! Bites you a bunch, throws you off, and then starts coming after you, like an Assist Trophy. But that's not all! Players can keep the Plant safe in their hands by holding it like an item, then unleash it's potential by throwing the pot!

The stage itself is based on the Sky levels of NSMB, but mostly inspired on the NSLU level, Piranha Plant Heights.
The mushroom platform can be jumped from the bottom, but you can't drop from it.

Use the module included, to make the stage work, otherwise, crashes or simply the plant won't work!


19 January 22nd, 2020

Mario Circuit Light by Cahalan, CaliburZx, MarioDox
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Mario Circuit]

A new layout for Mario Circuit inspired by it's vBrawl counter part. A speedier camera straight from 3.6 is included.

This stage has blastzones that favor killing off the sides, however you can still K.O. off the top at around 100%.

K.O.'s off the bottom of the stage are just as potent as off the sides.

Unlike it's vBrawl counterpart, this stage does not have shy guys racing around the track causing a camera change periodically.

This is thanks to an edit to Mario Circuit's trap table, making it working as intended over the base stage with no further porting needed.

Any GFX bugs relating to a certain Blue Hedgehog or other characters are not caused by the stage and should be reported to whoever made the moveset or knows how to fix said bugs.

52 January 15th, 2020

Construction Site by MarioDox with credit to DSX8, davidvkimball
[Stage - Texture, Vertex - 75m]

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEb_UxGajno
How high can you get?

This is a custom recreation of the Donkey Kong Arcade with a custom platform layout and using Smash 4 Assets.

It features a special hazard, the Oil Drum, attacking it, forces it to explode and deal damage! Use it to combo your opponents.

Use the module included to make it work correctly. (Contains for Distant Planet and 75m)


57 January 6th, 2020

Planet Zebes: Landing Site by MarioDox with credit to PMDT
[Stage - Vertex - Brinstar]

Landing on Planet Zebes...

Crateria gets a nice, calm stage, using a platform layout similiar to Brinstar in Melee. The main platform is similiar to the flying platforms in Crateria, containing nice touches like the lava present in some areas of the area and also it holds the resting ship. The background is separated by some nice looking rain, angled like the one present in Super Metroid. The rest of the backdrop is decorated by a grassy piece of land with a nice view of the Maridia Sea and some Chozo Structures in the background.

This isn't supposed to be a identical recreation or copy to the present in the Metroid series, but it's mostly based on stuff present in the same area.

Uses a Final Destination module.


60 December 29th, 2019

Palutena's Temple X by MarioDox with credit to DSX8, Edwguard Flows
[Stage - Vertex, Import - Skyworld]

Palutena re-orders the temple!

Always thought the little section on the top left could become it's own stage, so here it is. It has remade collisions and it has the platform still at the bottom. There's another version, the competitive alt (named \"Larger version\"), which has a bigger base vertically and no platform below, more like, it merged with the main platform.

Uses a FD rel.


14 December 24th, 2019

[PM 3.6] Infinite Glacierware by MarioDox with credit to PMDT
[Stage - Vertex - Summit]

You know what time it is.

Enjoy your holidays with this new ice themed reskin of Warioware, coming with animated background, ice path for your character landing position and of course, solid ice platforms! These will never change huh?

Uses a FD module like Warioland does in PM.


22 December 19th, 2019

Compact Green Greens by MarioDox
[Stage - Vertex - Green Greens]

Too big? How's it now?

A smaller green greens with connected platform, happened randomly, wasn't even trying. Comes with sloped and walled versions and a ton of Hazard options. Blocks fall in the background.

Uses a green greens rel (note, PM's Dream Land uses a edited module so it may not work correctly)


14 December 17th, 2019

[PM 3.6] Distant Planet of Dreams by MarioDox with credit to davidvkimball, WorseDoughnut, PMDT
[Stage - Vertex, Import - Distant Planet]

EDIT: Fixed item spawn rates.

Day 381:
I've found a dreaming place.

Finding treasure here must be a big dream, so let's get smashing! Using Ultimate and Brawl Assets, i was able to combine Distant Planet into a FoD alt, including working rain, rock platforms and a nice log pillar.

Uses a Distant Planet module.


35 December 15th, 2019

Distant Planet Ultimate Omega + BF form (Brawl) by MarioDox with credit to PMDT
[Stage - Import - Distant Planet]

Distant Planet's Omega and Battlefield from, straight from Ultimate.
It's brawlified though, so the HD ultimate appeal isn't here. Also the Omega is PM FD Sized and the BF variation platforms are based on PM BF's platform positions.

Rains as usual and it has a similiar background to Ultimate's.

Uses a Distant Planet rel.


41 December 7th, 2019

MK Adventure Revamp (+ Symmetrical & Omega alts) by MarioDox with credit to HeartlessSeph, Mewtwo2000
[Stage - Vertex - Mushroomy Kingdom]


This is a nice stage originally, but it had a few issues here and there. There were ton of stuff blocking characters, too small boundaries and collisions were so off. I also added shadows, a symmetrical alt (cause the platforms aren't alligned with each-other) and a PM FD sized Omega.

They all use a FD module.


24 December 1st, 2019

[PM 3.6] Boxing Destination v2 by MarioDox with credit to BraveDragonWolf, DSX8, CaliburZx, PMDT
[Stage - Vertex - Pokemon Stadium 2]

Knock out!
Finish off your opponents on Boxing Ring's Final Destination variation, now updated! The original version was feeling a bit rusty, the new one has a better shape (no longer stretched main platform lol), with also all the changes from the omega.

Uses a PS2 module, but it's still legal nonetheless.


64 November 30th, 2019

Boxing Ring Revamp by MarioDox with credit to BraveDragonWolf, DSX8, CaliburZx
[Stage - Vertex - Pokemon Stadium 2]

EDIT: Fixed lighting on Omega versions.


Beat foes in better quality now with Boxing Ring getting a revamp! It features SHADOWS! along with better lighting, effects, fixes some bugs and a never-off screen in the background!
It comes with both Punch-Out!! and Smash Bros. versions, including the omegas, resized to PM 3.6 FD size.

All use the PS2 module.


25 November 28th, 2019

[PM 3.6] Suzaku Battlefield v2 by MarioDox with credit to DSX8, jaystring, RTB, PMDT
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Skyworld]

\"Talk is cheap.\"

Like the competitive alt, the Battlefield reskin of Suzaku Castle got updated too! It has the lag fixes (hopefully) and a better main platform. It features also the night version of the stage. Collisions and everything else are kept intact.

Uses a BF module, though TE's edited module allows for non-moving shadows.


30 December 24th, 2019

Suzaku Castle Competitive v2 by MarioDox with credit to DSX8, jaystring, RTB
[Stage - Vertex, Import - Skyworld]

Suzaku Castle is a nice stage, though it's lagging issues forced users to use 2d backgrounds or lower resolution models, ruining the beautiful scenery.
The lagging issues have been reduced (maybe resolved, i dunno) and it also came with extra changes.
All platforms now have the same bottom wood piece at the same length, also they share the same look as the main platform, like Smash Ultimate's battlefield variant. The Castle on the background now is a simple sprite with high resolution so even on dolphin the differences are unnoticeable.

It also comes with a night variant. Battlefield 1:1s coming soon.

Uses a FD module.


63 November 24th, 2019

Mario Paint REDUX by MarioDox with credit to Nezha the Scout, AlGeorgeRomo
[Stage - Texture, Vertex - PictoChat]

Mario Paint is coloring the battle!
Originated from Smash 2, Mario Paint gets a new fresh updated version with fixed camera and the entire palette, like Flat Zone. This version features all the Pictochat hazards with colors like the original Mario Paint, some got a new coat of paint, while others just work differently!

Goes over Pictochat, using the vPM module reduces the damage amount of some hazards.


21 November 16th, 2019

[PM 3.6] Summitfield by MarioDox with credit to PMDT
[Stage - Vertex - Summit]

This battlefield reskin is cold as ice...

Cool off with Summit's battlefield variant, with animated background and non-icey platforms. Echo is really hearable here!

Uses a Battlefield module, use the one in TE for correct shadows.


15 November 15th, 2019

[PM 3.6] Distant Planet Zone by MarioDox with credit to davidvkimball, WorseDoughnut, PMDT
[Stage - Vertex - Distant Planet]

The vine swings around...

A simple GHZ variant of Distant Planet, with a tree holding the platform through a vine. The bulborb watches and rain falls overtime.

Uses a Distant Planet module.


18 November 14th, 2019

[PM 3.6] Rainbow Cruiseware by MarioDox with credit to GBC, DSX8, Nezha the Scout, PMDT
[Stage - Vertex - Rainbow Cruise]

*Slide theme starts playing*

Rainbow Cruise got a Warioware alt, using the Block from the platforming section, with some platforms. A carpet is added for decoration, the ship passes after a bit.

Uses a FD module.


13 November 12th, 2019

[PM 3.6] Infinite Glacier of Dreams by MarioDox with credit to soopercool101, PMDT
[Stage - Vertex - Summit]

Infinite Glacier comes up!

This originally was the first version of Glacier FoD in TE, but cause the model sucked, it was re-done with the cooler models. It features the same platforms and main road path, animated background and of course, balloon fighter swooping here and there sometimes during the match.

Uses a FD module like FoD in PM.


33 November 12th, 2019

[PM 3.6] Peach's Stadium Melee by MarioDox with credit to WorseDoughnut, davidvkimball, soopercool101, Mewtwo2000, Oshtoby, PMDT
[Stage - Vertex, Import - Rainbow Cruise]

The power of the stars flash through the castle...

Princess Peach's Castle from Melee gets a PS2 reskin, based on the LXP's custom omega model. It features all the identical objects from the omega and is still a correct 1:1.

Uses a FD module.


14 November 10th, 2019

[PM 3.6] Distant PlanetWare by MarioDox with credit to davidvkimball, WorseDoughnut, PMDT
[Stage - Vertex - Distant Planet]

Stop plucking around!

Warioware reskinned as a Distant Planet alt, using the coolest tree bark from Stage Builder as a main platform, but also 2 variations using leaves as platforms or rock platforms from the Legacy TE Start Alt. It sometimes rain, but the bulborb always watches.

Uses a Distant Planet rel.


40 November 9th, 2019

[PM 3.6] Thronefield by MarioDox with credit to PMDT
[Stage - Vertex - Castle Siege]

Black Knight needs entertainment! Quick, to the battlefield!

Using only SSE assets, I was able to create a simple platform for a Castle Siege battlefield alt, though I felt that it would work better in the second transformation, the Throne Room.

Uses a BF module, but using the TE ones (Battlefield_Z/X) allows for correct shadows.


22 November 8th, 2019

[PM 3.6] Undergroundfield by MarioDox with credit to davidvkimball, Dranakar, DukeItOut, Layell, PMDT
[Stage - Texture, Import - Castle Siege]

Inferno time! (It looks like it though.)

A simple edit of TE's Castlefield, by replacing background and textures, some vertex edit to look better and here it is, Castle Siege Underground's Battlefield variation. Lava is falling from the lava rocks, which don't hurt you at all, what magic!

Uses a battlefield module (not sure if it will work using Castle Siege's limited filesize). Use the bf module in TE (Battle_Z/X) to have correct shadows.


26 November 10th, 2019

[PM 3.6] Smashvillefield by MarioDox with credit to PMDT
[Stage - Vertex - Smashville]

EDIT: Fixed STPM, with correct echo, wind and shadow values!
(BF 1:1 but intended to work on the Smashville slot, placing it in other slots could cause issues.)

I'm going to play Animal Crossing in Brawl by kicking Mario in the subspace.

A Smashville version of Battlefield, with all the day/night time versions, including K.K.'s concert. Balloon doesn't appear, that's incredibly illegal. Though all villagers still enjoy seeing you getting smacked by Fox's AI.

Uses a village module.


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