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129 May 16th, 2018

[PM 3.6] Death Race Stadium by davidvkimball, DukeItOut, mawwwk
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Port Town Aero Dive]

Death Race Stadium is a 1:1 reskin of Pokemon Stadium 2 with a race to the death in the background. The F-Zero series could really use some more cool stages, so I put some time into making this one.

Davidvkimball modified the base stage, animated the background, animated the racers, and the racetrack. DukeItOut upgraded the lighting. Mawwwk created the F-Zero logo emblem on the stage.

Part of Legacy TE.


123 May 13th, 2018

Smash 4 Port Town Omega (+Comp. Variant) by MarioDox with credit to Xerom, Mewtwo2000, PMDT
[Stage - Vertex, Import - Port Town Aero Dive]

The most quick race track now has an omega!

But there's more: a competitive layout, using 3 platforms with a battlefield layout!

Imported from Smash U, uses same collisions, camera boundaries and spawn points from the same stage.

Background from Xerom's Port Town X (http://forums.kc-mm.com/Gallery/BrawlView.php?Number=205270).

Has PM Camera and cosmetics.


143 May 1st, 2018

Phantom Road Slim-Line Slits by Electropolitan with credit to ɴᴇᴢʜᴀ, soopercool10, davidvkimball, WorseDoughnut, LazyRed
[Stage - Texture, Import - Port Town Aero Dive]

One of the most brutal F-Zero courses, now in Smash! Battlefield base, works over Port Town. I used Sectonia's Gem main base, and Shadow Mewtwo Stadium's platforms + layout to create Phantom Road! Added another version with a less distracting background.

http://youtu.be/zMnrX7ta9UQ?t=5 To see what the stage is like in GX.

226 May 4th, 2018

Fire Field Cylinder Knot 2.0 by Electropolitan, ⚠WARNING⚠ with credit to Xerom, WorseDoughnut, davidvkimball, PMDT
[Stage - Import - Port Town Aero Dive]

After about 7 months I've finally updated my first stage! Here are the changes:
- Added a version with the PM Norfair Layout.
- Fixed up the lava clipping texture in the back right.
- Added 2 more sections of the track.
- Adjusted the camera a bit to avoid clipping.
- Added 2 lighting options.
- Added 2 more songs

The first ever F-Zero import! Also my first ever Brawl mod!

Here's GX's Fire Field Cylinder Knot. One of the most hated courses from many, but man it looks sweet. I used Xerom's Port Town X as a base. I included 2 songs and UI.
⚠ Update ⚠ Thanks to ⚠WARNING⚠ the stage now looks way better, with cleaned up textures, a new base, and it touring the stage!

226 May 19th, 2018

[PM 3.6] Port Town Stadium by Layell with credit to davidvkimball, soopercool101, Yohan1044, and LenSho
[Stage - Texture, Import - Port Town Aero Dive]

EDIT May 19, 2018: Fixed a collision issue and background debris.

Why would you want a fighting arena in the middle of a race track? Perhaps settling it on the racetrack wasn't enough. This is a 1:1 version of PM 3.6 Pokemon Stadium 2, with testing done to make sure the background will not lag for 4 player matches on Wii. Finally a starter stage from the F-zero series!

This stage does not have a moving background, and uses a Final Destination based rel, included is one for the Port Town slot.

342 December 26th, 2014

Central Highway over Port Town by Ebola16 with credit to Italian Stallion
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Port Town Aero Dive]

Update: The name of the stage is now correct. Thank you DMN666!
Another .rel-less port! I also fixed the Pokemon Trainer Spawn positions so they don't end up in weird places. The original stage was released in the Brinstar section of the vault. Happy holidays!

1186 August 6th, 2014

Port Town: X by Xerom with credit to Mewtwo2000 (Mute City Cylinder)
[Stage - Texture, Vertex - Port Town Aero Dive]


8-1-2014 Edit: As per user feedback, there's a small patch that contains some "fixes" at the bottom of this box. More information in the readme regarding what they fix.

Port Town is back, ready for balance, and it's sporting a friend.


- Larger base platform, ledges can be grabbed, can't pass through it from the underside.
- Tilting smaller platform above the base
- 2 "sliding" platforms that emerge from the base as the battle progresses. They run on a timer, so it isn't random.
- 5 versions. 1 with port town's bg, 1 that takes place in front of the ROB monument, and 3 where you fight on said ROB. There's a readme for more details.
- 3.0 cam, menus, etc.

Patch: http://www.mediafire.com/download/2voo6s82cx6xqmo/Port_Town_X_mini_patch.rar
Questions? Complaints? Take them here:

1830 February 20th, 2014

Falcon Flyer by Ryztiq with credit to Leon Exodio
[Stage - Vertex - Port Town Aero Dive]

UPDATED! 2/3/14

An editied version of the "meta ridley fight stage" which removes ridley and improves on the camera/collisions of the stage.

The camera is now focused on the center of the ship and the boundaries are equal on each side so that the fight doesn't stay on one side of the stage.

Camera is also 3.0

Fixed the back collisions of the stage so that you cant get stuck on the back edge!

1002 September 23rd, 2016

Sonic Advance 3: Route 99 V2 by POKE MASTER
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import, 2D - Port Town Aero Dive]

Comes with a rel for Port Town and New Pork City

Video here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTiVSgrna1k&feature=youtu.be

& be sure to check out my thread! :)

606 March 20th, 2013

Fixed Mute City by Linketsu, Kurayamiblack
[Stage - Texture - Port Town Aero Dive]

All I did, was take the fixed Port Town and place the textures from the Mute City over it. I mean, why not?

343 March 20th, 2013

Fixed Mute City 2025 by Linketsu, Kurayamiblack with credit to SuperZelda
[Stage - Texture - Port Town Aero Dive]

I took the Mute City 2025 texture, placed it over the Fixed Port town and that's all.

I didn't collab SuperZelda due to the account being no longer active.

304 August 9th, 2012

Casino Park by alexisf12 with credit to ME :D
[Stage - Texture - Port Town Aero Dive]

Hey guys I am new here so this is my first hack I hope you guys try it , THANK YOU. :D srrry for bad image thankz to michael1525

902 March 20th, 2013

Mute City 2025 by Triforce Zelda (Deceased)
[Stage - Texture - Port Town Aero Dive]

Port Town recolored to look like Mute City from SSBM. The different track though, and the futuristic look gave it the name "2025"

I had to do this because no one imported it from melee or recolored Port Town to look like it in anyway.

1911 June 12th, 2014

TvC - Galactor Base V2 by DSX8
[Stage - Texture, Vertex, Import - Port Town Aero Dive]

Stage will desync on wifi.

This is version 2 of my Galactor Base stage from TvC. Comes with SSS icons, 2 .rel files to play over a custom stage AND port town aero dive. Originally plays on Skyworld. Comes with 2 brstm files. Final version will be released in the TvC stage pack which will be out in the summer!

930 September 10th, 2011

Fixed Port Town by Kurayamiblack
[Stage - Vertex - Port Town Aero Dive]

I finally realized why this stage killed people so easily (besides the cars of doom). The stage has almost no ledges, not even on the starting platform that takes you across the map! So I added ledges to several areas to assist people in recovering because nothing sucks more than getting pwned by the moving stage below and by some miracle managing to barely recover to the edge of the platform only to realize there's nothing to grab onto and then falling to your doom or more stage pwnage followed by an opponent waiting to KO you when you finally get back with 150%+ dmg >_<

I strongly reccomend you combine this with "Balanced Port Town NTSC-U" by EternalYoshi for the best Port Town Aero Drive experience (without totally removing the cars or completely replacing the stage with something else).

EternalYoshi's "Balance Port Town" can be found here

5400 December 29th, 2012

Metal Mario Stage by FroznHobo with credit to Gamewatching
[Stage - Texture, Vertex - Port Town Aero Dive]

Would like to congratulate Gamewatching on his original version of this stage (i actually used it as a starting point). The original release by GW was... well it was not of the quality i was expecting (really don't want to make you feel bad, but it wasn't that great...). Because of that i took it upon myself to fix up his stage and give it the quality that a stage like this deserves.

On top of new textures, i have remodeled the entire stage to reflect the original more accurately. New collisions, new layout, pretty much new everything. This stage plays as close to the 64 version as i can manage with brawl's physics.

I'm not done with this stage yet, however, gameplay-wise it won't change in future updates so i decided to release it now.

Note that this WILL de-sync over wifi with Gamewatching's version. Stage goes over FD/Onett, but the included files put it over PTAD (music is perfect).

3107 July 14th, 2010

Dark Town Drive by Keeby
[Stage - Texture - Port Town Aero Dive]

Port Town Aero Drive in a darkish blue form. :3

1682 April 4th, 2010

Matrix by Plasmakirby
[Stage - Texture - Port Town Aero Dive]


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